About Us

About Top Veteran Owned Digital Marketing Company BlendIM LLC

Who We Are

BlendIM leadership brings decades of digital marketing experience to the table from our President and CEO, Thomas Liquori. After working for many of the world’s leading digital marketing agencies on the East Coast since 1999, in 2013 Thomas decided to start his own digital marketing agency under the name Liquori Co. Marketing, LLC. It was from this business venture that Thomas Liquori obtained his first clients, many of which are still client’s to this day years later. Before getting into the internet marketing realm, Thomas Liquori proudly served his country in the United States Army for a number of years and prior to that Thomas worked in 1 World Trade Center (1WTC) doing computer data entry work. As a service connected disabled veteran, Thomas Liquori certified both Liquori Co. Marketing, LLC and now, BlendIM, LLC as a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) giving BlendIM the ability to compete and have priority bidding on Federal Government, State and Local Municipality contracts.

What We Do

Thomas recently rebranded Liquori Co. Marketing, LLC to BlendIM, LLC to cater to a wider audience. BlendIM has evolved into a full service digital marketing company that is able to blend its digital services and extensive experience together to identify client business needs to reach their goal of a competitive edge online. Some of the online digital marketing services BlendIM provides can be seen by viewing any of the pages provided below:

Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization

Engine Marketing

Google Ads Express

Conversion Rate Optimization

SEO Audits

Social Media Marketing

Our Team of Experienced Experts

BlendIM’s team consists of leaders in the web marketing, design and development industry. Many of the employees on BlendIM’s team of individuals have over 15 years of experience each under their belts in the design and development sector, of whom also have years working with top digital marketing agencies across the country. Many of our employees still work at some of these top digital agencies to this day and serve them as directors and top level executives. We respect their right to remain silent, however you can rest assured that many of these individuals will be working on your account on a day to day basis. Think of them as the behind the scene ninjas that are rarely seen but provide huge results and improvements for your business online. Many team members of BlendIM are experts in the following services:


WooCommerce Development

WordPress Development

Our Commitment to You

Spend your marketing budget wisely. Even if you do not work with our company (although we would love to work with you!), we always recommend that you the client do your due diligence and find out who is actually in charge of your account. Unfortunately, a lot of times a company may say they have someone on your account who is an expert in this or that but the truth of the matter is he or she is probably a self proclaimed expert that learned a thing or two from watching a video or reading something online somewhere.

LinkedIn is a good starting point if you know your internet marketer’s name. From there you can see how many years of experience your internet marketer really has under his or her belt. A good rule of thumb is your internet marketer should have 7+ years experience as a person cannot attain all of the knowledge, mistakes and experience needed to make the proper decisions in this industry within one, two or even three years.

As for us, there is no sugar coating here. BlendIM just provides plain and simple data that matters to you and your business from experienced internet marketers. If something is not right, we will tell you and explain why versus how some other company’s may try to twist things to pretend them to be positive hurting your business and reputation which you do not want. 

No student’s just out of college are experimenting on your website to help them gain experience and knowledge in the industry like other internet marketing companies in this space. There will always be a senior employee of BlendIM that touches your website with a minimum of 10 years experience in the internet marketing industry to help make the proper recommendations and strategies that matter to your business!