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Your business website is a vital way to provide customers with information. However, sites have to be positioned in a way that leads potential customers to it. Over 31% of searchers click on the first site listed on a search engine results page (SERP). By implementing an SEO plan, your business website can stop languishing on the second, third or fourth page of google and become an essential tool for marketing and growth.


Over 31% of searchers click on the first site listed on a search engine results page (SERP).

Types of Industries BlendIM Serves​


Benefit from SEO strategies that target consumers who are searching for the rates and services your bank offers.
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Implement a targeted SEO and SEM plan that connects your business directly with brides in your local service area.
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Car Dealerships

Connect with local customers in your area quickly with SEO strategies that put your dealership in the top of search results.
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Connect with ideal clients using SEO strategies and PPC ad campaigns that work across multiple regions and even types.
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Enhance PR efforts with customized SEO strategies that drive traffic and interest to personal brands, profiles and projects.
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Country Clubs

Connect with current and prospective community residents with optimization strategies and advertising targeted toward an ideal member demographic.
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Stay ahead of fierce competition with our SEO and SEM experts' strategies that evolve with market demands.
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Benefit from custom, expert SEO strategies that boost sales and brand awareness for new entrepreneurs and established companies alike.
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Grow with franchise marketing that isn't one-size-fits-all. BlendIM's experts can develop custom local SEO and PPC campaigns for every market.
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Funeral Homes

Educate, inform, and build customer trust through custom SEO strategies tailored to your region.
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Market to your local audience with a blend of consistent SEO strategies and targeted ads.
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Grow awareness and trust with local consumers using expert SEO services for essential and elective medical practices.
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Home Services

Land in front of potential customers' eyes right in your local community with targeted SEO strategies that surpass word of mouth.
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Rise to the top of relevant search engine results during holiday seasons and year-round with expert SEO and SEM campaigns that target an ideal customer base.
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Find new regional customers and grow existing business throughout the year through customized SEO campaigns for your local market.
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Uncover the specific questions your audience is searching for and get them in the door with a targeted SEO plan.
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Limo Companies

Connect with customers year-round and during special events with custom SEO and PPC strategies for your industry.
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Drive traffic and get in front of potential customers, vendors or job seekers through SEO and SEM that is tailored to your industry
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Build customer trust on a local and national level with expert SEO and SEM services that meet the unique needs of medical providers and related businesses.
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Mortgage Companies

Market directly to homeowners and agents with SEO and SEM strategies that push your company to the top of relevant search results.
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Connect with potential clients and venues or drive sales of recordings and merchandise with expert SEO and SEM campaigns for creative professionals.
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Take the leading position in search results with expert regional and local SEO strategies for painting service businesses.
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Pest Control

Give local customers one-click access to your expertise through local SEO and ad campaign management designed for in-home service providers.
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Market your pool care business to a local audience through organic SEO and targeted ads. Our services can help your business enjoy year-round growth not limited to the summer months.
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Target the correct constituents through expert SEO campaigns and informational content that builds trust in your message.
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Print and Design Companies

Find local business customers or market a national service with year-round SEO campaigns and digital advertising strategies.
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Restaurants and Bars

Drive regular business and promote special events to the community with SEO and SEM strategies tailored to the foodservice industry's needs.
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Small Businesses

Maximize limited marketing budgets through expertly crafted optimization and advertising strategies that deliver a high ROI.
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Stated and Federal Agencies


Generate interest with potential clients and job seekers through custom SEO and digital marketing strategies for distribution networks.
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Frequently Asked Questions

From service providers to e-commerce businesses, every company can benefit through SEO. Expert optimization strategies are a cost-effective and reliable way to connect with your ideal client base locally and around the world.


Forget the idea that SEO is for online businesses or retailers. All companies, including in-person service providers, can benefit from organic search engine optimization and marketing. Your business website can be a useful tool for educating customers, selling products, scheduling appointments and more.


Websites that appear on the second, third or fourth page of Google results get less attention than those on the first page. Through SEO, your website can rise to the top of the SERPs, driving increased clicks, conversions and business leads. The first website listed in search results can see up to ten times more clicks than the site in the #10 spot.

Yes. Service providers see excellent business growth and high ROI through the implementation of an expert SEO plan. The BlendIM team will implement tools and strategies designed to work with the unique needs of service businesses.

A custom SEO plan can be adjusted to attract a local, regional, national or worldwide audience. Our team of local SEO experts will craft unique strategies to connect your business with customers who live in your region. We work with local companies and franchisees in need of defined, multi-region strategy.

SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. The industry SEO services team at BlendIM will develop a custom plan for your business, tailored to your customer profiles, region, products or services, and sales goals. By working with a professional SEO agency, you benefit from targeted strategies that maximize ROI. Our team is also able to integrate other digital marketing strategies, such as PPC ads, to enhance SEO efforts.