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Over 200,000 people search the phrase “banks near me” every month in the United States alone. Of these searches, 34% lead to a click on one of the listed organic results — not a paid ad.

If your financial institution isn’t appearing on search engine results pages (SERPs) you may be losing valuable customers to competitors. Through the implementation of an expert search engine optimization (SEO) strategy, your business can regain its lead against competitors and cultivate a pipeline of new banking leads.

Why Do Banks Need SEO?

SEO is focused on the creation of organic search engine traffic — visitors finding your site in search — not just paid advertising. Engaging in a site-wide SEO process is a valuable investment for financial institutions. 

Unlike paid ads that incur a recurring cost, SEO is an initial investment that continues to grow and produce a valuable return. 

By engaging the bank search engine optimization experts at BlendIM, your financial institution website will become a valuable marketing tool.

A fully optimized banking website can be used to:

  • Reach new clientele with content that answers questions and targets potential clients in a local area.
  • Stay relevant against the competition by marketing new services and responding to industry and economic trends.
  • Re-engage existing clients through the promotion and implementation of new services, offers and more.
  • Build a trustworthy reputation among consumers in need of financial and investment information,

How Can SEO Increase Traffic to Your Financial Institution Website

An expert bank search engine optimization strategy can provide long-term traffic increases to your website. As traffic increases, your financial institution can convert new visitors to customers and investors. 

SEO for banks involves a multi-pronged approach. Because customers are entrusting their hard-earned income to a bank, it’s important to focus on establishing a good reputation through content and high-quality links. 

BlendIM’s finance search engine optimization experts will work with your banking team to create an SEO strategy that builds feelings of trust, establishes value, and educates potential customers in your area and around the country. Each of our bank SEO plans are completely customized to the client.

Keyword Research

Successful search engine optimization relies on careful evaluation of key data points, such as:

  • Relevant searches by potential clients
  • The volume of searches performed
  • The click rate on relevant search results
  • Competition from similar websites and businesses
  • The quality of competing content and sites

BlendIM’s bank digital marketing experts will evaluate each of these factors to determine the best keywords and concepts for your website. We focus on targeting relevant keywords that have a high search volume with low competition — meaning your bank’s content will appear in front of an interested audience at just the right time.

Content Creation

BlendIM’s SEO content writing experts will use your bank’s ideal keywords to create informative content that is designed to intrigue and inform website visitors. This content will be indexed and ranked in search results, providing opportunities for your bank to connect with new customers through organic search. Website content may include:

  • Blogs
  • Landing pages
  • Features and services guides
  • Company information

On Page Optimization

Our SEO content writers and strategists don’t just throw words on a page. We carefully write and build each webpage to communicate clearly with search engines while catching customers’ eyes and building trust. BlendIM’s experts will carefully examine and optimize every page, including:

  • Content
  • URLs
  • Page titles
  • Subheadings
  • Calls to action
  • Metadata
  • Images
  • Loading speeds
  • Domain security

The BlendIM team includes expert web designers and website security professionals who can ensure your site looks, performs, and ranks well in all areas.

Mobile Responsive Website

As of March 2021, desktop-only websites are not considered by Google in determining SERP rankings. This means that for a website to appear — and rank highly — in search engine results pages, it must be a version that can scale down to appear on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Because there are several ways that a mobile website can exist, it’s important to work with a web development expert to ensure an optimal outcome. BlendIM’s team of experts includes development, design and search engine optimization professionals to ensure your bank’s website is ready to rank well and bring in great traffic.

Local SEO

Banks with brick-and-mortar locations can see great benefit from location-specific SEO efforts. Whether your institution is serving a small region, multiple cities across the country, or even a global audience, local SEO can target customers in key geographic areas. As a trusted bank marketing agency, BlendIM will develop a complete local SEO strategy for each of your banking markets. Our experts can combine organic SEO and targeted search engine marketing efforts, including pay per click ads, to place your website in front of potential patrons.

Link Building

Creating a network of real, valuable links is essential to long-term SEO success. Links to and from respected sources establishes trust and reputation in the customer’s mind. Good-quality links also show search engines that your bank is a reputable choice to show searchers. 

Every website has a Domain Authority, or a numerical quality score that predicts how likely it is to rank well on SERPs. When a well-ranking page with a high Domain Authority links to a newer or lower-ranked page, it shares some of its ranking value. This connection will be discovered by Google’s bots that index and rank pages. While a single link may not be enough to change a website’s rank, multiple valuable links can provide a great boost. As a result, link building is an important component in any complete SEO strategy for banks.

Working with an Expert Search Engine Optimization Agency

Every complete bank digital marketing package from BlendIM is designed to help your financial institution reach its unique goals and audiences. Contact us today to discuss how SEO can revolutionize your bank’s marketing, and begin development of a custom framework for your financial business needs.