WordPress Website Hosting and Maintenance Services

WordPress Website Hosting and Maintenance Service Company

Complete WordPress Website Hosting and Security Maintenance Services

Many business owners do not realize that their websites are susceptible to hacking and attacks that reduce security and disrupt service. While it is possible to get a compromised site back online, the process is expensive and complicated — and it’s hard to restore customers’ trust. Protect your business and website security with WordPress hosting, maintenance and security patches plans from BlendIM.

WordPress Website Hosting & Technical Maintenance Package​

$ 360 *Paid on an Annual Basis
  • Internal Kickoff Call with Your Project Manager to Discuss Deliverables

What's Included?



Core Updates (when available)
Monthly Plugin Updates


PHP Framework Maintenance
MySQL DataBase Maintenance


Daily Core Backups (up to 2 weeks of storage)
Daily WordPress Directory Backups (up to 2 weeks of storage)
Daily WordPress DataBase Backups (up to 2 weeks of storage)


Solid State Drive (SSD)
Content Delivery Network
Fast Caching Layer
Uptime Monitoring


Daily Website Scanning for Vulnerabilties
Malware Protection/Filtering
Security Updates and Patches
Firewall Protection
SSL Implementation (not self-signed)

What Are Website Vulnerabilities?

A vulnerability is a weakness in a website’s code. More code is added to the site as a website grows and incorporates plugins to carry out necessary business functions. These plugins can serve as a backdoor, allowing hackers who have compromised the plugins to enter a business’ website. 

While all websites may have security vulnerabilities, the risk of an attack increases as a website ages. Because older content management systems (CMS) and plugins have been on the web longer, there is an increased likelihood that a hacker will know how to break inside. Multiple problems can occur as a result of website hacking, including:

A reputable website maintenance company will check your site for known security vulnerabilities and patch them before hackers can access it. If any suspicious activity is detected, it can be stopped and corrected before further damage occurs.

Benefits of a Website Security Package from BlendIM

BlendIM makes a point to always stay on top of changes to technology and security standards. As part of our security plans for WordPress websites, our experts continually monitor your site for potential problems and harden your site against vulnerabilities.

It is impossible to predict all potential vulnerabilities that may occur on any website. BlendIM offers immediate cleaning and repair assistance if a breach or hack does occur. This service is provided at no additional cost to BlendIM customers with a website maintenance hosting plan.

How to Choose the Right Website Security Package

BlendIM offers a risk free hosting and maintenance plan to suit your business’ unique needs. Our plan goes beyond standard maintenance and provides additional insurance for your website’s health through regular security patching. BlendIM’s experts will proactively shore up your site’s defenses against known vulnerabilities, reducing the likelihood of a hack or attack on your site.

Website Maintenance Plan

Regular website content updates are essential to search engine optimization. Websites that remain static, or the same, for extended periods will fall to the bottom of search engine results pages (SERPs). A website maintenance plan from BlendIM is perfect for any business with a WordPress site that is already hosted through another provider. This plan provides professional assistance with:

  • PHP Framework Maintenance
  • MySQL Database Maintenance

Website Hosting Maintenance Plan

A hosting maintenance plan ensures your site and its plugins* are regularly updated. This plan includes:

  • Daily website scanning for vulnerabilities
  • Malware protection and filtering
  • Daily core backups
  • Security Updates and Patches
  • Firewall Protection

Choosing a WordPress Website Hosting and Maintenance Company

Do-it-yourself hosting options can be risky and devoid of the appropriate security and maintenance support. By working with a dedicated WordPress hosting, security, and maintenance company, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your site has protection against vulnerabilities. Contact us to learn more about hosting and security options to suit your small business or enterprise website. 

*Please note that plugin support is limited to standard WordPress plugins; BlendIM cannot offer support for premium plugins that require additional licensing.