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If your company’s web performance is lacking, website design and functionality could be the cause.

Many small to medium-size businesses start with small websites created using a drag-and-drop system. These DIY attempts at website creation can lead to infrequent updates, poor user experience, lost leads or sales and wasted hours spent struggling with site maintenance.

BlendIM’s website design and programming services are a stress-free, expert choice for businesses, retailers and service providers.

Website Design

In a 2018 Google survey, 88% of consumers reported favoring brands that provide easy access to information during the research and decision-making process. By ensuring your business has a well-organized, user-friendly website that works on all devices, your company can better meet consumer needs and stand apart from the competition.

As a leading website design and programming service company, BlendIM can create a custom website for your brand. Our experts are skilled in the design and creation of search engine optimized websites that transition seamlessly from desktop to mobile, ensuring visitors enjoy a consistently great experience on any device.

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Website Redesign

An outdated, poorly designed website can turn clients away and lead to low conversion rates. Additionally, older sites may be susceptible to security vulnerabilities that create business problems and erode customer trust. 

The consumer demand for mobile-friendly websites is high. Google is expected to start crawling and ranking sites based on their mobile versions as of March 2021. As a result, companies can see high conversion rates and search engine optimization (SEO) benefit from ensuring their site is mobile-responsive.

If your business website is not performing as desired, it may be time for a refresh. BlendIM’s website design and programming experts can help you migrate your website to a new, better version with minimal downtime. Our team will ensure your site’s existing SEO is retained and improved during the handover, in addition to implementing all necessary security measures.

ADA Compliance

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a civil rights law that ensures businesses are accessible to all Americans. This access includes both physical and digital spaces, such as websites.

At its core, the ADA requires business websites to be accessible by anyone using an assistive device, such as a screen reader, voice commands or specialized hardware. Because the ADA provides more detailed instructions for physical spaces than digital ones, it is advisable to partner with a company experienced in ADA compliant website design and programming.

BlendIM’s ADA compliant design experts can help your company assess and improve website compliance. Achieving ADA compliance provides multiple benefits, including increased exposure to potential clients and avoidance of fees/penalties.

Many of the factors that make a website ADA compliant naturally encourage good SEO. Revamping your site for maximum compliance can boost placement in search engine results pages (SERPs), further increasing visits and conversions.

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WordPress Development

BlendIM builds and redesigns websites using the open-source WordPress platform. WordPress powers a third of sites online today and allows for excellent control over design and functionality. Many major business and commerce tools integrate with WordPress, making it a great fit for e-commerce stores, brick-and-mortar retailers and service providers alike.

Our team of WordPress design and programming experts can improve your existing WordPress build or create a new, optimized site and migrate your company to the platform.

e-Commerce Development

Successful e-Commerce websites share several features in common, notably:

  • Simple and clear navigation
  • Optimized product pages with great photos
  • Seamless checkout with multiple payment options
  • Secure data processing
  • Fast load times
  • Mobile device compatibility

If your e-Commerce sales have been lower than expected, the culprit may be a shopping and checkout process that frustrates users and causes them to exit before purchase. If a cart is slow to load, hard to navigate, requires a login or is designed in a way that makes customers doubt its security, they will leave.

BlendIM’s team of e-Commerce experts can build or redesign your online store from the ground up to ensure a great customer experience. Additionally, our SEO and SEM experts will continue to support your site’s performance after the initial build, developing great content, well-optimized pages and effective advertising to encourage growth.

Website Design and Programming Service Company
Website Design and Programming Service Company

WooCommerce Development

WooCommerce is an exceptionally customizable e-Commerce platform for businesses with WordPress websites. BlendIM’s website design and development team can modify WooCommerce to suit any business needs — whether you’re selling physical goods, digital products, membership subscriptions, or service appointments.

Unlike other leading e-Commerce platforms, your website is not bound by the constraints of a template or dependent upon multiple subscription integrations.

Websites using WooCommerce also provide a great checkout experience on mobile devices. Many consumers browse and price-check products on their phones while in a store or going about their daily lives. Allowing them to purchase immediately, or resume where they left off on a computer, makes the e-Commerce experience more inviting to potential customers.

Website Maintenance

Many drag-and-drop website builders sell themselves on the promise of ease. Once the initial build is done, though, business owners find themselves frustrated with the demands of everyday website maintenance and search engine optimization. Businesses who successfully handle their website maintenance in-house often have teams of employees managing design, development, content and more.

By partnering with a reputable website design and programming service company, you can enjoy continued support without hassle, frustration or growing your team. The BlendIM team can build, host, optimize, maintain and update websites to ensure continued exceptional performance — while you remain focused on business. We stay ahead of all industry changes and security updates, ensuring your company’s site is never left open to vulnerabilities or excessive downtime.

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Work with a Leading Website Design and Programming Company

If you’re unhappy with your current website or need to create a new site, BlendIM delivers customized solutions. Contact us to set up a consultation and discover how a new website can transform your business performance.