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By opting for custom WooCommerce development by BlendIM, your business can immediately benefit from unique content and user-friendly design. These two components are vital to e-commerce success and growth. While drag-and-drop site builders may promise immediate ease, the resulting site can be restricted by platform limitations. These sites can also have a “cookie-cutter” feel that won’t impress potential customers. 

Instead, ensure your site can stand apart from the competition in both design and functionality thanks to BlendIM’s expert WooCommerce development services.

What is WooCommerce

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce platform that integrates natively with WordPress.org websites. Unlike e-commerce drag-and-drop builders such as Shopify or Squarespace, WooCommerce allows for nearly endless amounts of customization. Because of this flexibility, WooCommerce is an excellent choice for any business selling physical goods, digital products, or scheduling appointments online. 

Plus, WooCommerce has the same parent company as WordPress, making it an excellent choice for long-lasting compatibility. 

A reputable WordPress and WooCommerce website development company like BlendIM can create an e-commerce site with precisely the customization your business needs – no compromising or cutting corners due to limited feature sets.

Benefits of Using WooCommerce

Whether you are starting a new e-commerce store or seeking to migrate an existing operation, WooCommerce offers many benefits. 

Robust WordPress CMS

More than one-third of all websites use WordPress. This popularity is for a good reason. In addition to its great customization ability, WordPress has a powerful content management system (CMS). The WordPress platform makes it easy to:

  • Manage multiple users and content authors
  • Categorize and tag website pages
  • Password-protect exclusive content
  • Maintain web pages, blog pages and e-commerce products all from one dashboard


of websites online use WordPress, which powers WooCommerce

WooCommerce Plugins

Traditional drag-and-drop website builders may lock you into a specific payment processor or proprietary inventory management system. WooCommerce, however, works with many of the services your business currently uses. This functionality happens through the use of plugins.

Plugins are software tools that integrate with WordPress sites. Many plugins are available to enhance the performance of WooCommerce storefronts using the WordPress platform. By integrating plugins with your WooCommerce shop, you can:

  • Offer multiple payment processing options
  • Sell gift cards
  • Take reservations
  • Run an affiliate linking program
  • Start a customer rewards and referrals system
  • Sell monthly subscription services
  • Automate cross-selling to marketplace platforms
  • Fill native website orders through Amazon FBA
  • Dropship products from AliExpress
  • Monitor site and drip campaign analytics

WooCommerce has an extensive library of plugins that makes it easy to add, remove, or change features. Many free and affordably-priced options can add great website functionality without incurring additional expenses.

WooCommerce Themes

Themes change the way your WooCommerce store looks. Changing themes is a great way to transform the user experience on a site without making considerable alterations to site structure. BlendIM’s WordPress design experts can create a custom theme for your WooCommerce store, blending it seamlessly with other WordPress website pages.

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Website Maintenance and Security

WooCommerce, like WordPress.org, is open source and free to use — there’s no monthly license or subscription fee. Your recurring costs are limited to a domain name, hosting service and any paid plugins. BlendIM customers also benefit from affordable hosting options and regular website maintenance services. Our expert team will ensure that your website is secure, updated and online without delays in service.

Is WooCommerce SEO Friendly?

WooCommerce is an excellent choice for building search engine optimization (SEO) friendly storefronts. A mix of default features and optional plugins can create a fully-optimized shop that enjoys steady organic traffic growth.

Optimized Site Architecture

WooCommerce sites allow for easy organization of products through the use of tags and categories. 

Product tags provide two primary benefits. First, tags act as product labels that make it easier for visitors to search and filter options on your site. Second, search engines can see which products are tagged similarly and create important connections for SEO purposes. 

Product categories are essential for user experience and search engine optimization. By grouping products into defined category pages, you can benefit from adding additional keyword-rich content. Category pages serve as another way to show search engines groups of related products. This function is great for keyword density, an essential part of SEO.

WooCommerce Shop Navigation

When building a WooCommerce site, it’s possible to implement breadcrumb navigation that helps users — and search engines — follow a path of related links. Breadcrumbs will appear at the top of website pages and on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). This feature makes it easy for people to see, and search engines to understand, where products and pages exist on your website. 

Custom Metadata

Meta titles and meta descriptions are shown on SERPs, providing searchers with a quick summary of page content. While Google and other search engines can auto-generate these fields, the ability to add custom text is beneficial for SEO. This metadata — and URLs — is a great place to work in keywords with eye-catching copy. 

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Mobile Site Speed

A speedy website is vital for e-commerce SEO success. As of spring 2021, Google will be placing additional emphasis on mobile website functionality and speed. By working with BlendIM to create a custom WooCommerce site, your business will benefit from a fast, mobile-responsive site. We only build sites that perform well in search and encourage visitors to convert on any device.

Work with an Expert WordPress WooCommerce Company

BlendIM’s custom WooCommerce development services are perfect for new and existing e-commerce businesses alike. Whether you need help structuring a site from the ground up or are seeking to migrate to a new platform that better meets your business needs, we can help. Contact us to discuss how our custom WooCommerce development and WordPress website maintenance services can benefit your business.