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Online advertising isn’t just for e-commerce businesses and retail stores. Professional service providers can benefit from digital ads that quickly connect customers to their business via phone, chat, and email. With the help of Google’s unique Local Service Ads tools, service providers can easily connect to potential clients while leveraging the backing of a trusted brand.

What are Google Local Service Ads?

Google Local Service Ads are highly localized digital ads that promote business services to Google users in a specific geographic area. Unlike other Google advertising options, Local Service Ads are only open to service providers in select industries. These ads promote business services that are vetted and guaranteed by Google.

To run Google Local Service Ads, a business must:

It is important to note that Google’s background checks extend to select company employees, not just the owners. Team members who directly interact with customers to provide services must also undergo a mandatory background check. There is no cost for this service. However, it can create a slight delay between initiating the Local Service Ads application process and running your first ad.

As a trusted Google Local Ads company, BlendIM’s search engine marketing experts will guide you through successful local ad campaigns. A dedicated team of digital marketing professionals will help you through each stage of the application process to run local service ads. Our experts will ensure your company enjoys a smooth and easy transition to digital advertising.

When and Where do Google Local Service Ads Appear?

Local ad campaigns can appear on desktop and mobile searches. Potential customers who are searching on Google in their browser or on Google Maps can see Local Service Ads. The ads are displayed prominently at the top of search results. Google’s voice assistant program will also provide Local Service Ads information to voice searchers.

Local Service Ad Industries in the United States

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Local ad campaigns can appear on desktop and mobile searches.

Google Local Service Ad Campaign Management Company

Benefits to Google Local Service Ads

The benefits of running a Local Service Ad extend beyond brand awareness. While the process of setting up a Google Local Service Ads account is more in-depth than running other types of digital ads, the platform provides an array of useful tools and features for the business owner. Because Local Service Ads appear at the top of related Google searches, paid ad placement is a great way to keep your business in front of potential clients’ eyes. Ad placement is separate from any fluctuations in your website’s organic ranking.

BlendIM’s Google Local Service Ads management experts can help you decide if this particular form of digital advertising is best for your company. If Google Local Service Ads are a good fit, your business will enjoy benefits including a dedicated dashboard, easy review management, and additional service guarantees.

Pay Per Lead, NOT Per Click

Traditional digital advertising avenues like Google Adwords typically charge businesses every time someone clicks on the digital ad. Google Local Service Ads only incur costs when the searcher makes contact via phone call or text message. This way, ad spend is more closely linked to actual money-making conversions.

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Get a Google Guarantee Provider Badge

Every Google Local Services Ad includes a green “Google Guarantee” badge. This marker provides additional benefits for both companies and clients.

First, it lets searchers know that their purchase is backed by a company they already know and trust. If a customer books a service through Google Local Services and is unhappy with the outcome, Google works with both the customer and business provider to establish a solution.

Second, if a refund is warranted, Google may reimburse the business for the cost of its refunded service (up to $2,000 total lifetime per business). This guarantee provides additional protections for companies interested in testing out the Google Local Services ads platform for the first time.

Third, the “Google Guarantee” badge helps Local Service Ads listings stand apart from traditional Google My Business results and Maps listings.

Highlight Business Reviews and Ratings

Google’s Local Services Ads dashboard provides a seamless booking and follow-up process for providers. Business owners can send review requests to Local Services Ads leads directly through the dashboard. Alternatively, companies can send links or hand out printed cards (provided by Google) to clients asking for reviews. All clients, not just Local Services Ads leads, can leave reviews on providers’ Google profiles.

As reviews are collected, they will display along with business information in Google Local Services Ads. Reviews left by customers obtained through the system will be marked as “Google verified.”

Google Local Service Ad Campaign Management Company

Voice Search Response Inclusion

A 2019 Microsoft report found that 47% of voice searches involve looking for a business. Google Local Service ads integrate nicely with voice search results. Google’s voice assistant, found on Android phones and Google Home devices, will read a list of Local Service Ads providers and offer to call the businesses. This feature makes it very easy for voice search customers to connect with providers.

No Ads or Keywords to Manage

Google’s Local Services Ads platform uses the information you provide about your business to determine the best ad placement. Google’s system automatically calculates the best time to show an ad. There’s no need to worry about ongoing keyword or ad content management. Businesses can halt and restart their advertising at any time.

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