Medical Marketing

Expert Medical Marketing Services for Healthcare Providers

When people search for a new doctor, they are often looking for a specific type of practitioner in their local area. These potential patients may also be looking up medical questions, searching for answers before committing to treatment. 

As a medical provider, your website can provide reliable information to answer these questions, build trust, and bring in potential patients with the use of medical SEO and PPC. 

BlendIM is a trusted healthcare marketing agency providing expert search engine marketing and advertising solutions to general and specialty practitioners. Our team of skilled medical SEO experts uses data specific to your practice focus, business goals and geographical region. 

Medical SEO and PPC services are suitable for doctors, dentists, health practitioners and medical support providers in all industries. Contact our team to learn more about how BlendIM’s digital medical marketing services can boost your business’ profile and connect you with the right patients or partners.

BlendIM Medical Industries Served


Expert SEO solutions help you establish your practice as a trusted, local expert for allergy issues and solutions
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Alternative Medicine

Targeted PPC campaigns and SEO strategies can help your alternative medicine practice connect with potential patients searching for help online
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Ambulatory Medicine

Expert SEO and PPC strategy informs potential patients and the regional community about outpatient ambulatory services at your practice or clinic.
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Bariatric Medicine

Establish your practice as a trusted local voice and leader in bariatric weight-management care through expert SEO and PPC campaigns.
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Topic- and location-based SEO strategies connect cardiologists with potential patients in their local area.
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Care Centers

Educate patients and families while establishing your center as a trusted, local leader in rehabilitation, aging, or end-of-life care.
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Colon and Rectal

Targeted PPC and optimization campaigns promote colorectal health and build trust in your practice as an established, expert provider.
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Stand out from other chiropractors with a customized SEO strategy that builds trust and value with the local community.
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Cosmetic Dentistry

Effectively promote standard and emergency cosmetic dentistry services with customized PPC campaigns and expert optimization.
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Establish your practice as a trusted provider of standard and emergency dentistry with optimized content and targeted PPC campaigns.
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Expertly crafted SEO strategies support patient education about skincare and warning signs while promoting your practice as a trusted provider.
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E.N.T. / Otolaryngology

Build your practice’s profile as a trusted provider of ear, nose and throat care with expert SEO and PPC strategy for specialty medical practitioners.
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Promote GI health and build awareness for your practice through web optimization and digital marketing that targets potential patients and referrers.
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Hair Restoration

Use expert SEO strategy and content to educate the local community on hair restoration procedures, benefits and offers.
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Internal Medicine

Informative website optimization and PPC strategies can promote your practice while educating patients about internal medicine services.
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Medical Billing

Use targeted PPC campaigns and local SEO optimization to reach practices and providers in need of billing services.
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Medical Products

Use PPC and SEO campaigns to boost connections with national or regional practitioners and cultivate medical device sales leads.
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Medical Research

Build your profile as a respected, experienced medical researcher with SEO and PPC strategies that inform, engage, and build connections.
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Medical Spa

Reach your local community and build trust with potential patients through effective PPC and SEO that promote medical spa treatments.
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Mobile Medical Clinics

Regionally targeted PPC campaigns and expert SEO strategy build community trust while spreading awareness of your clinic’s purpose and availability.
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Expertly-crafted SEO content and ad campaigns help your general practice communicate expertise in multiple areas.
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Connect with local and regional neurological patients through complete website optimization and targeted PPC campaigns.
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Connect with women and mothers of all ages through specialized PPC strategies and expert, educational website optimization.
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Reach hopeful, expectant and new mothers with informative SEO content and regionally targeted PPC advertising for OB services.
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Build awareness about your practice and establish your voice as a trusted eye health provider within the local community.
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Targeted PPC campaigns and optimization help connect your practice with potential patients and referring physicians in need of expert oncology services.
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Build trust and value with potential patients through optimization, education and targeted ad campaigns for ophthalmology clinics.
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Educate patients on the necessity of eye health and promote your eye care practice’s services to a local audience with expert PPC and SEO strategy.
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Promote good oral health and build trust with potential patients in your local area through orthodontic PPC and SEO marketing.
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Establish your orthopedic practice as a leading, trustworthy voice in musculoskeletal care with expert SEO strategies and targeted ad campaigns.
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Pain Management

Grow your practice’s position as a leader in pain management care with expert SEO strategies and specialized PPC marketing.
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Reach local parents and build their trust in your practice through expert SEO and PPC strategies designed for pediatric doctors.
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Pediatric Dentistry

Build local parents’ trust in your pediatric dentistry practice through expert marketing strategies combining educational content with targeted ads.
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Use expert SEO and PPC campaigns to educate local patients on periodontal disease and treatment while building trust in your practice.
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Reach potential patients and referring practitioners with expert SEO and marketing strategies that build trust.
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Physical Medicine

Expertly-crafted SEO and SEM strategies build awareness and trust with potential patients and referring practitioners.
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Plastic Surgery

Inform, educate, and grow awareness of your practice and services with expert SEO and PPC strategy for plastic surgeons.
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Reach local patients and referring physicians with informative, targeted SEO content and PPC strategies for podiatrists.
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Inform, educate, and grow awareness for your psychiatric practice using expert SEO and PPC campaigns designed to reach your target audience.
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Connect with potential patients and referring physicians through SEO and SEM strategies that build awareness and trust for your pulmonary practice.
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Establish your practice as the trusted choice of patients and physicians through expert website optimization and advertising strategies.
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Expert SEO and PPC strategies promote your surgical practice as the trusted choice to regional patients and providers.
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Build awareness and trust in your urology practice through informative SEO content and targeted digital marketing initiatives.
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Educate, inform and build awareness of vascular health and care with expert SEO strategies designed to connect practitioners and patients.
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Vein Clinics

Promote your vein clinic as a trusted source for care, while connecting with potential patients and referrers through expert SEO and PPC strategy.
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Virtual Medical Clinics

Connect to potential patients in need of safe, effective telemedicine through regional and national PPC campaigns plus expert SEO.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the practice of improving a website’s rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). Websites that rank high in search engine results are more likely to receive clicks and calls that lead to new business. 

Medical SEO is an optimization strategy specifically designed for use by the medical community. Adaptable to multiple areas of practice, medical SEO builds trust and awareness within the local community. It can be used to reach potential patients and referring physicians alike. Medical SEO can also connect businesses that support healthcare — such as medical billing firms and researchers — with practices in need of their services.


As a trusted medical marketing agency, BlendIM takes a comprehensive approach to SEO for doctors and practitioners. Our experts will develop a complete strategy that can include:

  • Keyword optimization and, if needed, content creation to establish your site as a quality resource
  • Setup of Google My Business and online directory profiles to increase practice awareness
  • Collection and integration of patient reviews (as many as 71% of people read doctors’ reviews online, according to a Software Advice survey)
  • Development of a strong link profile to connect your practice site with reputable information sources online

The creation of online profiles, like Google My Business, can further enhance provider/patient and business connections. In a 2019 survey, Google found that 60% of smartphone users took advantage of a “click to call” feature when available in search results.

Medical Pay Per Click advertising, or PPC, is a digital marketing approach that uses highly targeted ads appearing on SERPs. These ads are shown in line with organic search results and can be a great way to quickly appear at the top of results. As indicated by the name, businesses are only charged the cost of running the ad when someone clicks on it. This factor makes PPC advertising a practical, high-ROI choice for many companies.

Medical PPC is a unique advertising approach that uses digital ads to target specific audience groups based on factors that are important to your practice. These factors may include specific search queries as well as location. Through the use of medical PPC, BlendIM can connect your practice with potential clients and referrers within your area of operation.

PPC is also a practical choice for medical researchers, billing specialists, and other healthcare support businesses. Our team of expert medical marketing professionals will develop a complete strategy to connect your company with the right audience and boost lead generation.


Work With an Expert Medical Marketing Company Today

BlendIM is a nationally recognized digital online medical marketing and advertising company known for its driving results for medical clientele. We understand that every practice has unique marketing needs and our team of expert digital marketing professionals will craft unique and effective online strategies to achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more how we can help your practice maximize their online exposure.