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Boost Your Website Visibility and Rankings with an SEO Audit Service

A large part of modern business marketing success is the ability to rank well in search engine results. One of the core foundations of achieving this goal is a well-optimized website with useful, trustworthy content. Ensure that your company’s website is looking and performing well with a comprehensive SEO audit.

Website SEO Analysis Audit Package

$ 1949 *15 Day Duration Turnaround Time
  • Internal Kickoff Call with Your Internet Marketer to Discuss Deliverables
  • On Page Keyword Usage
  • Website Design and Usability
  • Website Page Title Tags and Meta Descriptions
  • Website Page Content Freshness
  • Website Duplicate Page Content
  • Website Broken Links and Crawl Errors
  • Internal Linking Structure
  • Backlink Profile Review with Spam Score
  • Website Breadcrumb Implementation
  • Robots.txt File Review and Configuration
  • Website Image ALT Tag Optimization
  • Website Mobility and Responsiveness
  • Google MyBusiness Profile
  • Website HTML and XML Sitemaps
  • Source Code Improvements
  • Website Load Time for both Mobile and Desktop
  • HTTP Status Code Resolve
  • Google Analytics/Tag Manager Setup
  • Website Call to Action and Conversions
  • Project Management Software to Track Project Progress
  • Google Slide Presentation Finding and Recommendation Report

What is an SEO Audit

An SEO audit evaluates the array of variables that can influence the way a website displays on search engine results pages (SERPs). SEO success involves more than choosing a keyword and placing it throughout a website. BlendIM’s comprehensive SEO audit service will carefully examine your site for any potentially limiting factors. An expert SEO audit will include taking a critical look at essential areas such as:

The results of an SEO audit will provide your business with the foundation it needs to improve its position in SERPs. It also provides your team with confidence that their time and efforts will have a positive return on investment. BlendIM’s comprehensive SEO audit service is ideal for businesses of any size. Our team of digital marketing and SEO experts can help you interpret and execute the results of an SEO audit, ensuring that your website is continually performing at its best.

BlendIM Website Analysis Audit Process

During our website SEO audit process, the Internet Marketing experts of BlendIM will review and analyze your website in detail. During this process your internet marketer will create a report and checklist of items that the website excels in and a list of action items that may be hindering your placement in search engine result pages. Our experienced team is qualified to both identify issues affecting your search engine placement and fix them based on the recommendations your internet marketer will provide in his final executive summary report.

Below you will find some of the high impact action items for your website placement in the search results that your internet marketer will review when doing their search engine optimization analysis audit: 

Step 1

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing Service Company

Website Analysis Audit Kickoff

Your internet marketer will setup a time to go over and discuss our website analysis audit process. During this meeting your internet marketer will answer any questions you may have about how we go about our SEO audit and analysis. We are more than happy to discuss all recommendations that your internet marketer provides based on his findings at the conclusion of the SEO audit.

Step 2

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company

Unique Keyword Rich Title Tags

The title tag is an essential part of any page’s optimization. It is a signal that search engines use to understand the overall content of the page; therefore, it is a key part of Google’s algorithm. Some SEO best practices include mentioning the targeted keywords in the title tag, having a unique title tag for every page and not exceeding a certain number of characters.

Step 3

Rewrite Missing/Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the element that describes your pages to both search engines and users. While the value of these have depreciated throughout the past several years, they still play a role in increasing the number of clicks received (Click through rate).

Step 4

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company

Content Freshness Review

Adding content to the website and blog as long form articles. Long forms are informational pages with a high word-count that are optimized for longer queries (3-5 word phrases typed into the search engine). Unlike sales pages where the copy is all about your product or service, long-forms offer value to the reader in the form of how-to’s, resource pages, guides and list style posts. Long-form content positions you as a thought leader in your industry and that you’re passionate about helping your customers.

Step 5

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company

Duplicate Content Review

Duplicate content is copy that can appear on your website in more than one place such as more than one page or blog post on your website. Duplicate content can impact search engine rankings as it can confuse Google to know which page or post should rank for that particular piece of content.

Step 6

Broken Links and Crawl Errors

404 page errors occur when a page that used to be on the website no longer exists and does not redirect to another page. Users could potentially click on these while on your website and be taken to a page that no longer exists which hinders the overall user experience and thereby may cause a user to leave which will have an effect on your bounce rate and time on site metrics.

Step 7

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company

Internal Linking Optimization

Internal Linking is essential for ensuring your site credibility is distributed across your site, in order to help all pages rank higher. Linking related pages to one another will not only allow these pages to transfer this credibility but also help users in navigating the site.

Anchor text terms reflect content of the linked-to page. The best example is Wikipedia. Every time Wikipedia mentions a term in an article, it links to the article about that term using the topic as the anchor text. So if you’re reading an article about European countries and they mention Germany, the word “Germany” will be linked to the article. Search engines put a lot of stock in link text like this, and by replacing generic terms like “click here” and “read more” with descriptive anchor text, the rankings for that keyword will increase.

In addition to this, building up your internal linking structure through breadcrumbs, etc. helps in facilitating proper flow of your site for both users and search engines.

Step 8

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company

Breadcrumb Implementation

Breadcrumbs are another great way of naturally building up your internal linking structure and navigational hierarchy of your site is through the use of breadcrumbs. Not only is this helpful for users to navigate easily, but it also builds up your internal linking structure while allowing search engines to understand the hierarchical and navigational structure of your site.

Step 9

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company

Off Page Link Building Optimization

Backlinks from other relevant authoritative website on the web are very important to your website rankings and visibility. BlendIM will build links from important pages to your domain to increase your domain trust and authority which in turn will have a positive effect on your overall visibility online. This is something that will happen over time as BlendIM continues to build out highly authoritative links for the website. One way to build up relevant quality links would be through aggressive marketing efforts such as Infographics, Online Guides, Long Form Articles, etc.

Step 10

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company

Robots.txt File Review

We can easily tell the search engines which content to omit from their index via a robots.txt file. Some files that we do not want to include – flash files, include files, external CSS and JavaScript files, etc. BlendIM will optimize your robots.txt file and instruct the search engines to ignore any non-relevant files from their index.

Step 11

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company

Image Tag Optimization

Image ALT tags are phrases that can be inserted to describe to search engines what images contain. Search engines cannot understand the information contained in an image. Through the “alt” attribute, you can specify what the image contains to the search engines. For example if you have a picture of a dog you can set the alt attribute to say “Dog”, so the search engines can understand what the picture contains. These are becoming less significant as Google is quickly learning how to read images but are still a best practice.

Step 12

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company

Mobile/Responsive Experience

Responsive design allows for the same site to be used no matter what as the layout adjusts to any device the site may be viewed on (mobile, tablet, small desktop, etc.). This provides a better user experience for visitors using smaller screens, as the layout of a page adapts (or “responds”) to the most efficient and aesthetically appealing format possible for a particular screen size.

Step 12

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company

Google MyBusiness Profile

Particularly for local businesses, it is important to have up to date information and to verify your listing on Google My Business. This allows Google to see your listing as credible and current – thus allowing your local listing more visibility in Google.

Step 13

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company

HTML/XML Sitemaps

HTML sitemap is a map that enables users to easily navigate a website. SEO best practices recommend having SEO best practices recommend having one for every site to ensure that all users can access all pages on the site within two clicks.

The XML sitemap is a roadmap to all important pages of a website. This roadmap guides Google to all main content on a website. Google and Bing have requested that site owners utilize their Sitemap services to ensure that they know about all pages within your site, how you prioritize these files with regards to importance and when these files were last

Step 14

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company

Source Code Improvements

Google often grabs the first 200 lines of code to see if the copy has changed. The closer we can get the body copy to the <body> tag the better chance we will have of the search engines indexing web pages at a faster rate and finding the optimized changes.

Step 15

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company

Page Speed Optimization

Page speed has always been a factor when it comes to website rankings and visibity. The faster your website loads (especially on mobile) more love your website will get from Google. Not only that, page speed is a factor for the overall user experience. The faster your website, the longer a user will stay on your site. The slower your website, the risk you have to lose that potential client or sale. Google has indicated that website speed is essential and one of their many signals that go into their ranking algorithms.

On-Page SEO Audit Factors

A reputable SEO audit service company will evaluate factors both on and off of your website that can affect its position in SERPs.

“On-Page SEO” involves the improvement of various elements on your website to make it more attractive to search engines. These improvements also have the added benefit of making your website increasingly user-friendly, which boosts engagement and makes your site a valuable customer acquisition tool. On-page SEO factors that may be addressed during an SEO audit service can include:

Content Length and Quality

Well-written content is a cornerstone of great SEO. Highly-ranked websites often include multiple pieces of long form content that contain thousands of words. These long articles are a great place to include keywords, links to valuable content and original images / graphics. An SEO audit can identify content to improve or create as well as pinpoint lower-quality content to remove.

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company
Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company

Duplicate Content

When two web pages contain the same content, it’s considered to be duplicate. Content duplication may happen between pages on the same website or a separate website. Because search engines can tell that the content is identical, they will only show one of the web pages in SERPs. As a result, your site loses the opportunity to rank multiple pages for a given search term.


A technical SEO audit service will evaluate the keywords a website is currently ranking for as well as those that the site could rank for with improvement.

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Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company


Every web page has a meta title and a meta description that appear in SERPs as a preview of the information contained within the result. While Google and other search engines can choose to show the content of their choice in this spot, metadata is a great place to insert an eye-catching call to action and keywords.

Structured Data

This specialized code helps search engines access, rank, and display the content found on a website. Adding structured data elements to new and existing web pages can help your content move higher in SERPs.

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company
Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company

User Experience and Information Architecture

The structure, or information architecture, of a website and its overall design combine to make a good or bad user experience. A great user experience increases the likelihood that visitors will engage with multiple website pages and become repeat visitors. These factors are beneficial for SEO. Additionally, Google has announced that it will begin to consider user experience in determining SERP ranking.

Off-Page SEO Audit Factors

“Off-page SEO” involves external factors that can influence the way a website ranks. An expert technical SEO audit service provides a look at any potential issues or areas for improvement in this area. While these variables are not always within a company’s control, the results of an SEO audit provide valuable information to help inform future marketing decisions.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a numerical ranking assigned to websites that estimates their position in SERPs. Because actual SERP data can fluctuate regularly, Domain Authority is a trusted method of evaluating how well a site will rank in search results on average. A technical SEO audit will look at your website’s current Domain Authority as well as the score of websites it is associated with through links.

As webpages connect through links, both internally and externally, the value and rank of high Domain Authority pages can be shared back and forth. By connecting your webpage to other pages with high authority, search engines begin to understand that your content is of similar or better value.

Technical Website SEO Analysis Audit Service Company
Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing Service Company

Backlink Profile

When another website links to your company’s site, this connection becomes part of your backlink profile. By obtaining links to your site from others with high ranking and Domain Authority, your website’s value begins to grow in the eyes of search engines. An SEO analysis service can provide reports of your site’s current backlink profile and help to identify opportunities for future links. It is important to have valuable links, not just any link back to a website. A technical SEO audit will also uncover any backlinks from low-value sites that may be harming rankings.

Social Engagement

According to data from the Pew Research Center, over 70% of adults in the United States use one or more social media sites — and 55% of users regularly consume news and information on social channels.

The benefits of social media are a two-way street. Sharing links on social media is a great way to build brand awareness and bring visitors to a website. Social media is also useful for collecting reviews and feedback that can be shared on web pages to illustrate consumers’ trust in a brand or product.


Over 70% of adults in the United States use one or more social media sites


55% of users regularly consume news

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