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Whether your business sells products, services, or communicates information online, high-quality website copywriting is essential for success.

Understanding Copywriting

Copywriting is the practice of using descriptive writing to provide information and assist in selling a product or service. Copywriting can be found in print and online mediums and may range in size from a one-sentence advertising slogan to a blog post with thousands of words. 

When used to sell a product or service, copywriting traditionally explains features and benefits or is emotionally persuasive. Both of these approaches speak to the human reader and provide information while encouraging a decision.

What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is a specific style of writing for websites. It enhances search engine optimization through the strategic use of keywords.

When done correctly, SEO copywriting should appear natural to the human reader. It will simultaneously provide search engines with the information necessary to determine a site’s rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

BlendIM offers web copywriting services that pair high-quality content with expert SEO strategy. This content gives your website the advantage over competitors and boosting growth online.

How is SEO Copywriting Different from Traditional Copywriting?

Traditional copywriting has one audience in mind: the human reader or potential customer. While SEO copywriting speaks to the same audience, it also communicates to search engines. 

SEO copywriting achieves this goal by pairing traditional copy with search engine keywords. Using select keywords within content can increase the rank at which a page appears in search engine results. Achieving a high rank will benefit clicks and conversions — as many as 75% of search engine users never go past the first page of results.

Repeating the same keywords over and over on a page will not produce an SEO benefit. Instead, keywords must fit within natural speech and writing patterns. Skilled SEO copywriters will use keywords in specific places, and with a particular frequency, in website content. By striking the right balance, your content can rise in SERPs while communicating with readers and boosting conversions simultaneously.

SEO Copywriting Plans

BlendIM offers several SEO copywriting plans to suit the needs of e-commerce sites and service providers. 

Blog Posts

Blog posts are up to 500 words in length. They are an ideal choice for businesses interested in regular content updates to benefit SEO and user experience.

Long-Form Articles

Long-form articles are great for explaining complex topics in an SEO-friendly way. BlendIM offers three article level options:

  • 1,000 – 1,500 words
  • 1,500 – 2,000 words
  • 2,000 – 2,500 words

Online Guides

A comprehensive guide is great for communicating the importance of a service or educating shoppers on multiple product types. Our website copywriting services include guides of varying lengths:

  • 5,000 – 7,000 words
  • 7,500 – 10,000 words and up

BlendIM’s SEO content is always 100% unique and expertly structured with your ideal keywords. 

Why is Website Copywriting Important?

With high volumes of searches taking place every day — approximately three to four per person — competition for the top of SERPs is fierce. If your website content was not crafted with keywords in mind or is directly copy and pasted from a manufacturer or supplier site, you may see no benefit. In some circumstances, poorly written content may even produce a negative SEO benefit. 

Without the presence of keywords, a website is unlikely to see much movement in organic search engine results. Clicks and visits will be dependent upon the reach of paid ads, social media posts, emails and other marketing initiatives. However, if a site has well-written SEO content, it can benefit from a boost in the SERPs. As a page rises in the ranks, more visitors will arrive through organic search.

If a website uses content copied from another site or product packaging, it can experience duplicate content issues. If Google detects the same content on multiple websites, it will typically only show one website in SERPs. If your website isn’t chosen for display, it may be hidden on an “omitted results” page. 

By working with a professional website copywriting company, your business site will receive maximum SEO benefit from keyword placement and original content creation.

What Are Some Elements of SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting follows a specific approach that places keywords in the appropriate places to communicate with search engines.


The title of your webpage is one of the most important places to use primary keywords. Search engine bots will pick up this information as they “crawl” the web and use it to gather information about the page content.

Online Website SEO Copywriting Service Company
Online Website SEO Copywriting Service Company


High-quality website copywriting will produce content that reads normally to the visitor while incorporating keywords. By employing specific formatting tweaks, including numbered lists and subheadings, an SEO copywriter can organize keywords within your content in the most effective, yet natural, manner.


The short description that appears alongside each SERP result is your first chance to hook a potential customer. While search engines can auto-generate this text, an online copywriting expert will craft keyword-rich and unique descriptions for every page. 

Online Website SEO Copywriting Service Company
Online Website SEO Copywriting Service Company

Keyword Density

It is crucial to find the right keyword density, or frequency, when writing SEO copy. If a page contains too many keywords, it may appear repetitive or nonsensical. This copy will turn away readers while providing no SEO benefit. 

In 2019, the Google BERT update enhanced the search engine’s ability to understand human speech patterns. Writing naturally provides more benefits than stuffing sentences full of keyword strings.


Every webpage has a page authority, a ranking that predicts how it will perform in SERPs. A higher page authority relates to higher rankings. When a high authority page links to another site, it shares some of its value. 

Effective online copywriting will create links with high-value websites, creating positive associations for search engines. Linking between internal pages on a website is beneficial as well. Creating a network of links can help search engines understand how content is related. It also provides a user experience benefit to website visitors.

Online Website SEO Copywriting Service Company
Online Website SEO Copywriting Service Company

Site Speed

Website content will be useful to visitors only if they remain long enough to read it. Site speed is essential for SEO content success — 40% of people are likely to bounce from a website that takes over 3 seconds to load. As a complete web copywriting services company, BlendIM’s team of experts can ensure your website delivers rapid loading speeds and user-friendly experience.

BlendIM's Website Copywriting Process

Step 1

Strategic Setup Process

BlendIM uses Google doc application technology to setup your copywriting campaign. Your Internet Marketer will setup a strategic plan for your copywriting campaign which will be the hub of everything content creation which consists of potential topics to review and choose from, keywords pertaining to each of those topics, sub headings for that specific topic discussion, as well as reference sites to ensure our writers have accurate information to reference when drafting the copy. 

Step 2

Online Website SEO Copywriting Service Company

Content Topic Research Phase

Depending on the type of content being written, BlendIM’s Content Marketing Team will research and determine low hanging fruit opportunities for your business and how it stacks up to your competition. Based off a number of factors, our team will compile a list of a number of potential topics that we recommend focusing on over the course of the next several months.

Step 3

Copy Outline and Sub-Heading Phase

We not only want a topic to be good, we want it to be great! Doing the necessary research about the topic itself is only part of the equation. The true challenge ensues to come up with sub topics to go along with the main topic. The sub topics (or sub headings) also need to be research based on search volume and other criteria that will give the overall copy maximum exposure in the search results. Based on the main topic itself as well as the sub topics within the body of the copy, our team will then move forward with the keyword research for the content to be written. 

Step 4

Online Website SEO Copywriting Service Company

Copy Keyword Research Phase​

Once Our Team has Compiled a List of Potential Topics to Choose from, Your Internet Marketer will Complete the Necessary Keyword Research Associated with Those Topics and Sub-Heading Outlines Using Industry Standard Tools to Ensure we are Targeting the Most Important Keywords that Get the Highest Search Volumes. 

Step 5

Online Website SEO Copywriting Service Company

Content Outline Drafting Phase

Once our team has the go ahead from you on an approved topic with sub-headings and completed keyword research, we will then start the actual copy writing. BlendIM employs some of the best SEO writers in the industry, so you can be sure that your copy gets the most exposure possible in the SERP’s. 

Step 6

Online Website SEO Copywriting Service Company

Client Content Review Phase

Depending on how long the content needs to be, the BlendIM team provides a great turn around time which we will then send the drafted copy over to you for review. Once we receive any feedback and/or edits you may have our team will work quickly to get you a second round version of the written copy. If the copy has no edits and is good to go, your internet marketer will then get it in queue to get up and live on your website.

Step 7

Online Website SEO Copywriting Service Company

Website Content Implementation

BlendIM follows the best practices for page structure and on page optimization elements and will add the approved content to your website according to these specifications which include title tags, meta descriptions, h tag headings and internal linking.

After the content is live for at least a good 30 days, the page which houses the content will start to gain traction in the search result pages and we should start seeing the full potential of the content as the content gets older over the next months as the page builds authority.

Work with a Professional Expert Website Copywriting Company

BlendIM offers a full slate of expert SEO copywriting, design, maintenance and hosting services to optimize and streamline your website performance. Our team of SEO experts and website copywriters will create fully-optimized content that speaks to your ideal customer and search engines. Contact our team to discuss how your site can enjoy a natural boost in rankings and conversions through online SEO copywriting.