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If achieving excellent search engine rankings and online conversions feels like a struggle, it may be time for a new website. Outdated sites built on restrictive platforms can impede everyday business processes and cause visits to decline. Migrating to a new, optimized and user-friendly site can be the missing component needed to achieve high search and sales results.

BlendIM is a leading custom WordPress development services company focused on delivering high-performing, fully-optimized websites to businesses of all sizes.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a widely used and trusted platform for building custom websites. More than one third of websites use the WordPress platform. Extensive customization options mean that the average web user sees multiple WordPress websites every day and has no idea.

Many leading SaaS and business services companies integrate with WordPress, allowing for smooth day-to-day operations and updates. Unlike a number of drag-and-drop website builders, WordPress offers the ability to create a fully custom site sans WordPress branding — and without the “boxy” feel of many DIY site platforms.

BlendIM develops custom WordPress websites to meet specific business needs. Thanks to the highly versatile system, WordPress websites are an equally excellent choice for service providers, e-commerce stores, professional creatives, brick-and-mortar businesses, restaurants, agencies, and more.

While WordPress does offer some limited DIY functionality, it’s recommended to partner with a WordPress development company to take full advantage of everything the platform has to offer.

The Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

WordPress.com is the first version of WordPress that many people encounter. It is similar to a number of other commercial website builders. Users drag and drop a selection of website elements and apply a theme to change the overall look and feel of the site. It is free to make an account, and WordPress.com will host the resulting website. Users must pay a subscription fee to get a domain name, view analytics, sell products and more. Thanks to WordPress.com’s robust content management system (CMS), the platform is a favorite choice for bloggers and businesses publishing a lot of text-heavy content. It is a for-profit product that is managed entirely through a web browser.  

WordPress.org is free, open-source software. This designation means that developers can modify and change the program’s source code, allowing for nearly endless amounts of customization. There are over 50,000 free plugins that can be added to sites built on WordPress.org, each of which further expands a site’s design and functionality. This version of WordPress is a free download. The user is responsible for hosting the website and associating a domain.

Partnering with a reputable WordPress development services company allows you to take advantage of the versatile WordPress.org platform without the headache of figuring out how to design, host and launch your site. 

Custom WordPress CMS Development Service Company

There are over 50,000 free plugins that can be added to sites built on WordPress.org

Why Should You Use WordPress

WordPress offers a great user experience from start to finish. The benefits of this platform include:

A WordPress development service company can help you create a fully customized WordPress site. Your website will be completely unique and tailored to your company’s needs, yet comfortable for your team to update on a day-to-day basis.

If a business requires e-commerce functionality, BlendIM’s custom WordPress development services experts can create a fully-optimized store with inventory management powered by WooCommerce. Thanks to WordPress’s flexibility, new WooCommerce sites can integrate with leading programs, including PayPal, Klarna checkout, MailChimp and more.

WordPress and SEO

The regular creation of original content, such as blogs and articles, is vital for search engine optimization (SEO). Custom-built WordPress.org websites can take advantage of the excellent WordPress CMS, with added benefits including:

  • Integration of plugins not available to WordPress.com sites
  • A simple, straightforward text editor that makes it easy to write and publish content without the need to know any HTML
  • Custom URL and metadata fields
  • Multiple user logins to identify which team members are working on content

Additionally, one of the industry’s leading SEO content tools, Yoast, can be directly integrated with the WordPress CMS. Yoast’s simple, color-coded guidance makes it even easier to ensure that every member of your team is creating SEO-friendly content.

As a trusted WordPress CMS development company, BlendIM can build out the perfect CMS to suit your everyday business needs. Our custom website redesign service and WordPress themes can also revitalize performance and user experience on existing WordPress sites.

Why Should You Work with an SEO Company that Knows WordPress Development

Custom-built WordPress websites are sound business investments with a high return rate. While many consultants claim to offer WordPress services, it’s crucial to choose a partner that understands SEO. Relying on a strictly design-focused build will result in a site that may be attractive but is not a high performer in search engine results pages (SERPs).

BlendIM creates beautiful and high-functioning sites that encourage high conversion rates. Our WordPress development service provides you with dedicated experts in design, development, and SEO. Start a conversation with our team today and learn how WordPress can transform your business website into an exceptional tool.