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A great business website and search engine optimization aren’t just for e-commerce brands. Home services businesses can utilize digital marketing to gather leads, grow brand awareness and get more customers.

Benefits of Home Services Marketing

Gone are the days of advertising on billboards and diner placemats. Today’s homeowners turn to their smartphones and smart devices, like Google Home and Alexa speakers, to find reputable service providers in their area. 

To do this, homeowners often list the kind of service they need, followed by “near me” or their city and zip code. Search engines use this information to find nearby businesses and present the results.

From 2015 to 2017, Google reported a 150% increase in people searching for businesses and services “near me.” This trend is in line with a 2016 finding indicating that 88% of smartphone users conducting local searches visited related companies within a week.

If your home service business does not have an optimized website and Google My Business profile, you may be losing customers to local competitors.


88% of smartphone users conducting local searches visited related companies within a week

Search Engine Optimization for Home Services Companies

Whether a company is new, or established and seeking to grow its customer base, the home services SEO experts at BlendIM can help. Our team crafts custom digital marketing strategies that can include:

Local Search Engine Optimization — to help your business naturally appear in related search engine results.

Google Local Service Ads — that show your company is a vetted, trusted Google service provider — with additional tools to help you generate leads.

Local Search Engine Marketing — to run ads that will catch local homeowners’ eyes at just the right time.

Types of Home Services Businesses Blend IM Works With


Targeted SEO services for electricians get your business in front of local homeowners searching for scheduled and emergency electrical services.
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Heating and cooling issues often occur with little notice. Ensure your HVAC services are front and center, on-demand, in all local searches with SEO and Google Local Service advertising.
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Reach all potential residential and commercial customers in your area through SEO and SEM services designed for landscaping and lawn care businesses.
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Moving Services

Connect with customers moving to, from, and around your local service area with SEO and strategic search engine marketing campaigns for moving services.
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Pest Control

Be confident that your business will show up in searches for multiple pest types and concerns with local search engine optimization and pest control service advertising.
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Promote your standard and emergency services with a digital marketing strategy that blends organic SEO with targeted local service advertising for plumbers.
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Advance your site to the top of search results in browsers, smart speakers and maps with expert SEO strategies tailored to the roofing industry.
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Restoration Services

Grow business leads through SEO strategy and digital marketing campaigns designed to suit the unique needs of restoration professionals and customers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When you run a print ad, billboard, television ad, or radio spot, you’re relying on potential customers to remember your brand. When a homeowner encounters an issue demanding immediate attention, they aren’t likely to think of an ad they saw a week ago. Instead, today’s homeowners turn to Google and other search engines for assistance. By optimizing your business website and profiles to rank well in search engine results, BlendIM can connect you with potential customers when they need you most.

All home services businesses can benefit from a strategic SEO campaign that connects them with interested homeowners or commercial customers. Electricians, HVAC experts, landscapers, movers, pest control specialists, plumbers, roofers and restoration specialists can also benefit from Google Local Service Ads. These ads provide an additional level of verification and lead generation services.

Through website optimization and the creation of a complete, robust Google My Business Profile, BlendIM’s experts can teach search engines that your business is valuable. As search engines learn that your website provides useful information and services, they will naturally show your site higher in search results pages.

Yes! Search engines have several ways of identifying if a user is looking for local services — and their region. 

  • Location data reported from the searcher’s smartphone or other devices
  • The inclusion of the words “near me” (such as “plumbers near me”)
  • The inclusion of city/zip code in the search string (such as “electricians in Queens, New York”)

The BlendIM will optimize your website and profiles to appear in search engines and map results specific to your service region.

Local SEO optimization is an excellent choice for both independent businesses and franchises. Our digital marketing experts can develop specific strategies for each franchise location, connecting local customers with the branch closest to their home.

Today’s homeowners are well-connected to the internet through smartphones, computers, and smart home devices. By optimizing your website and business profiles to perform well in digital and voice search results, your company will be shown to potential customers right when they need you.

A website and Google My Business profile are a great starting point for home services businesses to benefit from SEO. 

If your establishment does not have a website yet, no problem! BlendIM’s web design, programming and content writing experts can build the perfect site and profile to generate business. Already have a website you love? Great! Our team of home services SEO experts will optimize your existing site for maximum performance in search results.

At BlendIM, our team of home services SEO experts will work with your business to craft the perfect strategy. Senior-level marketing professionals experienced in SEO and Google services will optimize your business profiles to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs) naturally. When appropriate, our team of digital marketing experts can implement targeted ad campaigns that provide connections with customers at an affordable price point.