Legal Marketing

Expert Online Marketing Services for Law Firms

A law firm’s website is a public-facing representation of the practice and attorneys. Having a professionally designed, content-rich website can build trust and value in potential clients’ minds, prompting them to make contact. 

Without a solid law firm internet marketing strategy, this valuable tool can languish, never connecting with the right prospective client pools.

By working with an established agency versed in online marketing for law firms, your practice can leverage the full value of its website and connect with prospective individual or corporate clients in any region. 

Effective Digital Marketing for Lawyers

At BlendIM, our experienced legal marketers understand that law is both broad and nuanced at the same time. With years of experience in law firm internet marketing, our team of experts can help your practice identify and connect with an ideal client base. We provide completesearch engine optimization,local SEO andPPC search engine marketing services to suit unique legal marketing needs across multiple practice areas.


60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using the search results

Search Engine Optimization for Law Firm Companies

Arbitration and Mediation

Establish trust with their audience and connect with potential clients using targeted SEO and advertising strategies for arbitration law firms and impartial mediators.
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Bankruptcy Law

Reach a pool of ideal prospective clients regionally and nationally with bankruptcy-focused PPC ad campaigns and SEO that delivers premium placement in search results.
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Business Law

Attract small business or corporate law clients through a professional, prominent web presence and expertly crafted optimization strategies.
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Cannabis Law

Reach multiple cannabis client pools — growers, distributors, medical users and more — through targeted SEO and PPC campaigns.
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Civil Rights Law

Establish your law firm’s voice as a trusted civil rights advocate through high-quality SEO content optimization.
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Criminal Law

Reach potential criminal law clients through SEO optimization and targeted advertising campaigns that build trust.
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Consumer Protection Law

Grow your client pool with PPC-based lead generation strategies and valuable SEO content that builds trust with consumers in need of legal assistance.
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Environmental Law

Reach businesses, environmental advocacy groups and other client pools with expertly crafted ads and complete website optimization.
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Education Law

Reach clients throughout the education sector with targeted PPC campaigns and expert optimization strategies.
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Elder Law

Expert SEO optimization establishes your firm as a trusted, valuable resource and partner for individuals pursuing elder law cases.
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Employment Law

Use targeted advertising and expert optimization to build awareness with employers or employees in need of work-related legal services.
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Estate Planning Law

Build your firm’s brand as a trusted resource and planning partner with an expert optimization strategy focused on proving value to individuals in need of estate planning counsel.
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Family Law

Expert SEO and PPC strategies establish your practice as a trusted resource and advocate for families in need of legal counsel for adoption, custody, and more.
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Health Care Law

Connect your firm with potential private and healthcare sector clients using expert optimization techniques and cost-effective advertising.
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Immigration Law

Establish your firm’s voice as a trusted advocate and immigration resource through well-timed PPC campaigns and complete website optimization.
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Intellectual Property Law

Reach business owners and creators with value-rich, SEO content that builds trust with your audience from the very first click.
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Litigation and Appeals

Rich SEO content paired with flexible PPC campaigns helps your practice build trust and connect with new litigation clients.
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Military Law

Reach potential clients stateside and stationed around the world with multi-location PPC campaigns and expert website optimization.
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Personal Injury Law

Connect with potential customers right when they need your personal injury law firm the most with an optimized website and PPC ad campaigns.
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Product Liability

Grow your liability firm’s corporate or individual client pool through effective messaging and strategic search engine optimization.
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Real Estate Law

Reach home buyers, sellers, agents, real estate investors, or corporate clients who need legal information and representation.
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Tax Law

Reach your firm’s ideal individual or business tax client with a flexible, adaptable internet marketing strategy that works year-round — not just peak season.
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Traffic Laws

Build trust with regional drivers through well-timed PPC ad placements and valuable content that ranks highly in organic search engine results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Your law firm’s website is a powerful tool that can connect your business with potential clients on a local, national and global level. Search engine optimization is an “organic” procedure that boosts your website rank naturally over time.

BlendIM’s legal marketing SEO experts will evaluate what questions your ideal clients are searching for online. Our team will use this information to create or improve existing website content and establish valuable backlinks. Together, these efforts will move your website higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing connection with potential clients.

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a unique form of paid internet advertising. Rather than running a billboard or print ad and hoping that a potential client happens to see it, PPC ads appear online at just the right moment. PPC advertising can also be a budget-friendly choice for startup legal practices and large firms alike. As the name suggests, advertisers only incur when a potential client clicks on the ad. These ads are a high-ROI form of marketing that can be used year-round, during select periods, or in specific high-competition regions.

BlendIM’s PPC law firm marketing experts will work with your team to establish the ideal client profile you should be targeting in ads. From there, our internet marketing professionals will create a series of targeted ads. These ads run at the top of SERPs when a search engine receives specific queries. Law firms targeting a regional audience can also benefit from expanded business tools that allow potential clients to call a law office directly from the search results page. This feature further reduces the steps to sign a new client.

We provide complete digital marketing support for new and established law firms. Whether your firm has an existing website they are happy with or need a new site, BlendIM can help. Our experienced lawyer internet marketing team includes web design and content writing experts who can craft the perfect pages for your firm.