Catering Company Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Caterers

Custom Marketing Strategies for Caterers

Professional caterers who do not have a web presence may be missing out on valuable business. A well-designed, fully optimized website that ranks on the first page of Google is an excellent way to generate leads and increase business year-round.

The experienced catering company SEO professionals at BlendIM help business owners ensure their sites rank well on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Our team of seasoned SEO professionals will develop a custom strategy for your business, including:

  • Improvements to website usability and speed
  • Optimized Google My Business profiles 
  • Creation of high-quality content that informs customers and builds trust in the brand
  • Building a trustworthy backlink profile to expand visibility
  • Affordable, effective targeted advertising
  • Increasing client contact with one-click tools

The BlendIM catering SEO team will also ensure your company appears in relevant directories and mapping applications that may point customers toward your business. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Caterers

The majority of searchers click on a result on the first SERP. Moving up just one place in results can improve clicks by over 30%. The process of improving ranking is known as search engine optimization, or SEO. Several factors affect SEO performance, including:

  • Keyword usage and placement
  • Quality and readability of content
  • Accessible, mobile-friendly website design
  • Fast, secure web pages
  • High-quality links to and from reputable sources

Our team of experienced SEO professionals will combine these factors to create a full optimization strategy that pushes your catering website to the top of SERPs — and beyond the competition.

Pay Per Click (PPC) for Caterers

Search engine marketing is a great partner to organic search engine optimization for caterers. Over one-third of Google queries on desktop and tablet computers use the qualifier “near me,” indicating that many searchers wish to find and work with businesses near their homes. PPC ads allow your catering business website to show up at the top of all relevant search results, including searches conducted by a particular region or zip code. Caterers can also use PPC ads to target searches for competitors’ business names. These ads place your catering company in a top spot before any organic search listings.

Website Design and Development for Caterers

Whether your catering business requires a brand-new website or updates to an existing platform, our team of designers and security experts can help. An easily navigable site, secure contact forms, and mobile-friendly design make it easy for potential clients to discover your catering services and get in touch.

Work with an Expert Catering Company
Digital Marketing Agency

Do-it-yourself website builders, marketed as a simple solution for businesses in need of a website, can suffer from significant technical issues lurking behind the pretty templates. Without careful attention to website security, speed, and structure, your new catering website may drop in search results — or disappear from SERPs entirely.

As a leading expert in web design and SEO for caterers, BlendIM provides a complete service to boost your business’ profile online. Contact us today for a consultation and discover how a BlendIM custom SEO strategy can bring new high-paying customers into your catering and event business.