How to Recognize SEO Scams

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There seems to be many businesses who are tricked into believing SEO scams. When these scams happen, the scammer is able to generate a huge amount of cash with just the click of a button from anywhere. In order to recognize a SEO scam, you first need to know what type of SEO scams exist.

Poor Web Design

Having a poor web design is one way to know that the company is only trying to save money without spending much. It is important to remember that a company that has poor web design is not usually successful in obtaining a decent ranking in terms of SEO. This should tell you that they would not be able to help you if they are not able to help themselves first.

The Hustler

There are many websites that are looking for their next hustle. In fact, many try to have the business owner to take advantage of receiving a first page listing. They also try to persuade by saying they are offering the listing for a low price and a quick outcome. The scammer will also tell them that when they pay a monthly amount, the SEO will be continuously over time. This will ensure that the business owner remains happy to receive the listing but having the website ignored by the scammer.

Bot Email

Using a bot to send email or other forms of communication is designed to generate a lot of connections because of the amount of communications they send. A lot of times the bot is based out of a foreign country and are just waiting for a bite from an unsuspecting business owner. This means there are no real SEO tools or software used by the scammers behind these bots.

Recognizing the SEO Scam

It can be easy to recognize an SEO scam as long as you know what to look for. There are also several ways to recognize an SEO scam such as the following:

  • No staff or employees
  • No existing website, office, or verifiable business
  • They piggy-back
  • They urgently seek customers
  • They have no examples of SEO ranking


Having a professional SEO provider is more important than ever if you desire a high search ranking. That is why it is important that you recognize SEO scams. If you are looking for a great SEO provider, then give us a call today for an initial consultation. We will go over what you can expect as well as what we can provide for your SEO and search ranking results.