SEO Tips for Non-Experts

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There are certain things that SEO experts, that is those who specialize in search engine optimization, know as best practices for this method of search engine marketing. Though SEO methods and techniques are constantly changing and evolving along with internet and search engine developments, upgrades and product rollouts, there are a few practices that seem to stick, at least for now.

Always look for upgrades

Google Analytics upgraded to Universal Analytics, and with that came a new and improved set of tools that show you the who, what, when, where, why and how of your site visitors.

Google is very perceptive

This means you don’t have to retype the same keyword into your content a million times in order for Google to recognize it, and you definitely shouldn’t do that anyway because then the search engine can penalize your site for being so spammy and pushy and may block it from the search results all together. When possible, it’s best to use an assortment of synonyms for your main keywords- Google will figure it out. Of course sometimes things can only be said in a very specific way, in which case it’s OK to repeat the word because it comes up organically in your content. We’ve stated in our other blogs that the main goal of SEO is to provide Google or another search engine with the best possible content to match the search.

Gradually build your SEO

If you have a new blog or website, don’t go crazy with the SEO tactics just yet. First, you want to create headlines and descriptions that accurately convey your products, services or ideas. SEO won’t matter much if people get directed to your site only to see a jumble of incoherent writing and keyword overuse. Building traffic is impossible without good content.

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