The Relation between Mental Health and Social Media

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Many enjoy social media as a way to know what is going on in the world around them and what their family and friends are up to. This also makes the mental health community wonder if social media is affecting their mental health.

Social media has not been around for long so it is still considered fairly new. With that said, no research exists concerning how mental health could be affected. Regardless, some evidence suggests that a person´s mental health can be affected in several ways by using social media. Below are a few of the possibilities.

A Link to Depression

When a tool such as social media is designed to connect with others, many may begin to feel depressed. This could easily happen when online arguments erupt. Not only could depression occur, but loneliness and anxiety may follow. It was discovered that when more than a few hours of social media are spent, the individual will feel that their mental health could be better in contrast to those who only use it occasionally.
Self-Esteem Could Be Impacted

Using too much social media may have you feeling inadequate about yourself and your outcome in life. This is regardless of your online images are original or photoshopped. They still have the ability to make you feel dissatisfied and insecure.

Missing Out On Life

Many have a fear that they will miss out on something if they do not hear or know about it as it happens. Both Instagram and Facebook are two platforms that make it happen a lot.
What is worse is that you may eventually become so absorbed that you can never put your phone down as you constantly making a response to an alert or reviewing updates.

Self-Absorption Could Occur

When you begin to share an endless supply of selfies you are starting to become self-centered and self-absorbed. This makes you want to have the best image online instead of living a real-life and sharing it on social media.

When too much effort is made to be validated online, it can have a psychological effect that can become disastrous if the achievement is never met. Eventually, a feeling of self-hatred may ensue.

Inability to Control Impulses

Using social media in excess may cause you to lose control of your impulses. This will be especially true when your cellphone is your gateway to social media. Your cell provides you with nonstop access to all social media, which allows you to always be online. The downside is that your concentration could be affected. You may even see a decreased amount of sleep that you get every night.

May Be Implemented As A Way to Cope

Using social media as a coping mechanism is never a good idea and is unable to allow you to help you find comfort in your feelings or emotions. Viewing social media while currently feeling depressed will only be a distraction from the feelings of unpleasantness. Eventually, using social media to help you try to feel better will actually provide opposite effects.

In Conclusion

When you see yourself spending a lot of time on social media, you may want to take a step back and re-evaluate your mental health. This will be especially true if you begin to have a depressive outlook, feel frustrated, or become sad in an instant. If you need help with ways to prevent or limit the time spent on social media, then you should contact us today to provide you with some options.