Using Low-Competition Keywords

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The need to rank high with competitive keywords is highly desirable, but not everyone can accomplish it in a short amount of time. This will be true for a website that is just getting started. Although this does not mean you cannot target them, it does mean however that you should consider using low competition keywords. Before you use low competition keywords, it is essential to know what they are.

What is a Low Competition Keyword?

Keywords that are low-competition have the ability to rank with very little work involved. Not many links will be applied, and the need for authority will not be necessary for ranking to occur.

Finding Keywords That Are Low-Competition

When looking for low-competition keywords, there are a few steps that you need to take to find them.

Analyze the best Ideas

With your target audience in mind, think about the things they are currently searching for the most and write a list. You can easily take note of individual themes such as electronics, computers, and hard drives. Coming up with at least five will be a great start.

Implement a Tool to Research the Ideas

When you implement a research tool for your keywords, you can easily match them to phrases. You will see the ideas that have the keyword and phrases used and other metrics.

Filter Out To Find Keywords that are Low-Difficulty

You may want to use tools that include a score for difficulty. This type of tool will enable you to match phrases and have the keywords filtered in order for keywords that are low-competition to appear.

Is it Simple to find Keywords that are Low-Competition?

Sometimes finding low competition keywords may be simple, but not always. With Google, there are many different signals used for ranking, making it hard for any standard tool to decrypt all of them to have a precise metric successfully.

It may seem unrealistic to accomplish when they are mostly considered to be guesses and which Google has never validated. Besides that, you need to realize that the tools used to incorporate a method to determine the difficulty of the keyword.


You can easily compare keyword competition. This is because there is no amount of difficulty that a keyword takes into account that has an effect on competition. This is why it is essential to analyze the top competition prior to having content created.

If you fail to follow these steps, you may be going after keywords that have nothing to do with low competition. This is why you should contact us today to ensure that the keywords you use genuinely are low-competition.