6 SEO Tools You Should Be Using

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In order to create the best strategy for search engine optimization (SEO), you need to know what you are doing or have someone on your digital marketing team that does. Plus, using the right SEO tools is also a plus. The causes of positive results with SEO stems from having a combination of content that is unique, good keyword placement, and a website that is optimized to the fullest. Below are 6 SEO tools that you should be using in order to achieve the best possible experience.

Page Speed Insights from Google

When you implement Page Speed Insights, you are able to find out your website speed and find out exactly how fast it loads for both mobile and desktop. Once checked, you will be able to make your website speed improved so that loads are faster. When your site loads quickly, it will also rank higher. Having a fast speed for your website is what Google uses for ranking purposes.

Search Console from Google and Webmaster Tools from Bing

Using both the Search Console and Webmaster Tools will easily provide great results to achieve SEO. The majority of websites today utilize the Search Console from Google and when they do, they forget about the need for Bing´s Webmaster Tools, which provide the directions for SEO. Besides Google, Bing is also a huge contributor to obtaining website traffic. A few tools that the Webmaster provides include keyword research, recommendations, security monitoring, crawl performance, and indexing.

The Moz Local Listing Score

When you implement the Moz Local Listing Score tool, you will see the business appearance online. Moz uses 10 different sites to pull this off. A few include Facebook, Google, Yelp, and Bing. After the results are achieved, possible fixes are shown which will correct inconsistencies if they exist.


With an SEO tool such as Keywordtool.io you get a generator for keywords. After a keyword is entered, a list of synonyms will be presented as well as keywords that are long-tail, and questions that are used the most.

Backlink Checker from Ahrefs

With a backlink checker like this, you will be able to analyze your links. It will also provide a website´s backlinks. Using this tool allows you to keep an eye on your competition as well as where their backlinks originate from.

Google Analytics

Analytics will gather and analyze your insights and statistics. It will also give you a view of how your website´s marketing is performing. You will then know the exact keywords that are helping you achieve traffic and which are not. As well as if your SEO plan is effective. Afterwards, you will be able to concentrate on methods that work and eliminate those that aren´t.


Having great solutions for SEO purposes can be the difference between a website ranking high or not. By utilizing the tools above, you will be able to find out exactly how your SEO is performing. However, if you are unsure of your SEO performance, then getting in touch with us today will allow us to quickly analyze your website and see how it´s performing.