How To Grab Your Viewer´s Attention On Social Media

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When it comes to social media, one can honestly say that the platforms have truly changed the way marketing is conducted towards the masses. Not only that, but the number of updates to make has also increased. With it all, a marketer is hoping to grab a viewer’s attention so that word about a company can be spread and maybe a few leads generated in the process. For the moment, many future consumers are enjoying their time making the occasional update, reading posts, or retweeting. So, what results from this? No matter how hard it is tried, attention-grabbing gets harder. The good part is that there are ways to grab your viewers’ attention on social media. Below are 6 of the best ways how.

Concentrate on Only 1% of the Viewers

Gaining popularity through social media is not a good way to grab a viewer´s attention. This means you should concentrate on only 1% of the viewers because this amount will be who truly matters to your business. In other words, you need to know who exactly your clients will be based on what needs, wants, and desire is. Knowing their personas will play a big role in this. By concentrating on those who matter the most to your business and engaging with them will increase your popularity the right way.

Share Unique Stories

Having competitors is one thing, but when your customer chooses you, that says a whole lot more. Many times, we need to include a unique story that will allow others to see your business and products as being what they want or need. Do you provide a service or product that solves an issue in a simpler way than before? Do you incorporate a secret as part of your product offering? No matter what it may be, being able to share what makes your company unique through a story will help drive traffic after grabbing your viewer´s attention through social media.

Be Where Viewers Are Looking

Ensure that you know where to look for your viewers and be there. Become part of the forum, group, or platform. Of course, these will likely involve Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, but not only them. The idea is for you to be where viewers are looking and are the most active. Once found, you should begin to become engaged with them, while also talking them into becoming a part of your own audience.

Become Part of the Activity

Becoming part of the activity will provide a lot of insight into white paper offerings, being able to present webinars, and being able to produce videos. A great example of this is to begin to follow a few customers and prospects on social media. You will then be able to know exactly what content they are interested in and which they share for others to enjoy. Sounds easy enough.

Post Up-to-Date Content

By keeping your content up-to-date, will help your viewers know what is happening currently around them. This will be interesting to them and will easily grab their attention. What the content is doesn´t really matter as long as it is relevant to their needs.


Grabbing your viewer´s attention on social media may seem difficult at first, but being able to market the 5 steps above will have their attention in no time. There are many other ways you can use to grab a viewer´s attention. To find out, give us a call and we´ll explain them all in detail.