Avoiding Google Guidelines

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Piggy backing on our last post for the company we were talking about, we went through some of their client’s and were very surprised at what we found after looking under the hood. The following example is a way of keyword stuffing; if we go to the web site: OurBrooklynDentist DOT com Avoiding Google Guidelines | Google Algorithm | Google Penalization(We will not link to this site to pass our link juice or authority, if you would like to view the site, type the domain name in your browser to follow along). If you are using FireFox as your browser, press the “CTRL” key and the letter “U” key at the same time to bring up the source code of the site. If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser go the toolbar and click the “view” tab, then in the drop-down click source to bring up the source code of the page. If you are using the SEO quake plugin like we are, click on the “density” button to bring up the data about the page.

If you are using the SEO quake plugin like us, you can see that the title tag has over 600 characters in it which is way more then the recommended 64-70. The description tag is 958 characters when the norm is supposed to be roughly 155. I think I am starting to see a pattern here. The keyword characters are not any better, there are over 350 characters, I know you cannot see it from the screen shot, but the site is also missing to declare the language and it is also missing geo tags which some argue are not necessary but in our experience are good to have in case people need to find your site to get directions. Google does have a web spam submissions for user’s to submit sites too that may violate Google’s guidelines. Once logged into your Google Webmaster account, you can click on the Google Web Spam Link which will bring you to a few topics to choose from. Find the one relevant for you and proceed. We can only hope that Google and other search engines will take appropriate actions against sites that use Black Hat SEO Techniques and give the working honest sites using White Hat SEO Techniques a chance to have the rankings that they deserve.