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We surfed the web to find a good example of a website that is currently at the moment ignoring Google’s Penguin Update and still using an unnatural link building technique. We went even further and found a company who is in the SEO and Web development business and still using this Link Building Strategies | Link Building Scams | Link Building Dont'stechnique for themselves and their clients. The company we found is: TheWebLeaders DOT com (We will not link to this site to pass our link juice or authority, if you would like to view the site, type the domain name in your browser to follow along). If you are on the home page of this site, scroll down to the footer and click on the sitemap link located in on the bottom of the page. In the sitemap towards the bottom, there is a link called “Links”, click on this link and this will bring you to a page of all of the company’s past and current clients that they are using to build up link juice for each of their client’s site and also their own.

This is a perfect example of what Google is targeting to weed out spam in their search results. As you can see by viewing the page, the links on there are links from all different sites that have no real meaning or relevance to the sites they are being linked too. I wonder if the client’s know what is happening here and if their sites have been affected. The client would probably not question the issue since their faith is in an SEO company already that they feel should know and be up to date on these updates. We tried reaching out to the company but have not heard a response back; we will keep this post updated.