Can Small Businesses Make Good Use of PPC?

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Can Small Businesses Make Good Use of PPC?

Pay-per-click advertising may, at first glance, seem like a bad idea for small businesses. After all, a small business typically has a small advertising budget, and PPC advertising can quickly eat up a lot of money if it’s not done correctly. However, if you put together a strong PPC campaign using the right ads and the right keywords, you don’t need a large budget to be successful. A small budget of $10 a day or even less can bring in new customers. Here are a few ways small businesses can make good use of PPC advertising.

Focus on the Right Keywords

Some small business owners are tempted to go for the cheap keywords just because they can get more clicks per day on their budget. However, these keywords are often cheaper for a reason—they’re not searched as often. You want to carefully consider the keywords you select based on their relevance to you and your business. Consider your business and where your customers are. If you’re a local flower shop, you may want to focus on keywords that include your location. If you’re an online shop that ships across the country, you may want to look more at keywords that relate to your products.

Do Keep Your Budget in Mind

While you want to evaluate keywords independently of what a click will cost you, you still need to keep your budget in mind. If you don’t have a lot of money to pour into PPC advertising, be sure you set your budget fairly small. Remember to look at what you’re spending per month or per quarter, not just what your limit is per day. Also remember that you’re not locked into your daily budget—if you find that you’re spending too much, change your max budget per day. Don’t wait until you’ve considerably over-spent. In fact, keep in mind that you can change any part of your PPC advertising plan at any time. Don’t keep using keywords that aren’t getting you conversions or traffic.

Work with the Best

Small business owners often wear many hats, and they already have to learn a lot about running a business. Becoming a PPC expert may simply be something you don’t have time to do. That’s why we’re here. BlendIM can help you with your PPC advertising and any other online marketing you need to do. Contact us today to discuss your needs.