CRO Tips for 2020

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CRO Tips for 2020

Getting new users to your website is only half the battle. Once there, you need to get them to convert into customers. If you’ve been trying to improve your conversion rate, but aren’t haven’t any success, these CRO tips for 2020 may be helpful. They can boost your conversions and your bottom line.

Try Changing Your CTA

The location of your Call To Action or CTA is important. While it may feel more natural to put it at the bottom of the page after you explain why taking action is important, studies have shown CTAs that are immediately visible at the top of a page are more effective. You may also want to play around with the wording, color, and even shape of the button used in your CTA. You want the button to stand out, but you also don’t want it to look so out of place that it’s distracting. The same goes with the text. “Click here” is a very generic, bland action that doesn’t draw anyone’s attention. Let your customers know exactly what they’re about to do. “Buy the product” or “Get the eBook” are much more useful, action-oriented calls.

Incorporate FOMO

FOMO stands for the Fear Of Missing Out, and it’s a real phenomenon you can harness to increase your sales. Let your customers know when a product is about to run out of stock or when a deal is expiring. A countdown timer for limited deals, for example, has been shown to be a very effective conversion tool. A warning when the number of available products drops below a certain amount can also be very motivating. Customers don’t want to lose a deal or miss out on a product, so make sure they know when they’re about to.

Incorporate Different Payment Options

Your online store may accept debit and credit cards, but do you also allow your customers to check out via PayPal or other online payment options? Customers like having choices, and some do not want to use their credit cards online. If you don’t offer different ways to pay, look into your options. Adding even one or two new options can improve your conversions.

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