How to Determine the Right Tags for a Social Media Post

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How to Determine the Right Tags for a Social Media Post

Tagging on social media is important because it helps the social media site categorize your post and it gets the post in front of the right people. There are two different types of tags on social media sites. Most sites use hashtags, which are like keywords for a website. Some, such as Facebook and Twitter, also allow you to tag other users in addition to adding hashtags. This sends those users a notification that they have been tagged in a post. It also often, but not always, displays the post you made to people who follow everyone you’ve tagged. This often depends on the tagged person’s privacy settings, though, so it’s not a guarantee.

Which Hashtags Should You Use?

Determining your hashtags is key because users can search for those hashtags or filter posts by them. You want to include hashtags that are relevant to your post. If you’re posting about your law firm in Houston, Texas, you may want to use hashtags such as #attorney, #lawyer, #legalservicesinHouston, #Texaslawyer, etc. If you’re making a post in relation to an event, you would use the event name as a hashtag. Twitter and some other sites also often have a list of trending hashtags.

Do be careful, though, that you don’t abuse these trending tags. Using them on posts that have nothing to do with the tag or are only lightly related may earn you negative engagement. Your post may even be reported and removed.

When Should You Tag People?

You also need to be cautious when tagging people. If you tag the same person too often or in irrelevant posts, they will likely see it as spam and block you. If your post directly mentions someone, tag them. For example, if you’re posting about an event, tag your keynote speaker or other relevant, high-profile attendees. If you’re speaking directly to someone, tag them.

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