What Makes a Good Social Media Post?

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What Makes a Good Social Media Post?

Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media sites, your posts need to be designed to get attention. A good social media post has several components that make it get that attention and further your goal, whether that’s to get engagement, click throughs to a website, or new followers. Here are a few of the things that your social media posts need.

Proper Spelling and Grammar

This should be considered a given. All of your posts need to be well-written and grammatically correct. If they aren’t, it shows your followers that you don’t care about mistakes or small details. Of course, errors can slip through. If you see one after you’ve published a post, look to see if the site will allow you to edit the post. If it doesn’t and the post hasn’t been live for long, you may want to delete it and re-post a corrected version.

A Reason

Why did you post what you did? Every post needs to have a reason behind its existence. That reason drives what the post will say, how it will say it, and what other media, if any, will accompany it. It should have a call to action that your followers can clearly understand. These calls to action should be fairly simple and easily spelled out, such as “leave a comment below” or “click here to learn more about this product.” It’s okay if the reason behind your post is to simply make your followers smile or laugh, too. Sharing memes can help with your overall engagement.

An Understanding of the Platform

You need to create your social media posts with an understanding of the platform where they will be posted. If you’re posting to Instagram, for example, the highlight of your post is the image. Everything needs to focus on that image, with the caption and the hashtags supporting that image. For Twitter, though, you need to keep things direct since you do have a space limit. Facebook content can be more relaxed since it’s designed for friends to share posts, while LinkedIn posts need to be more professional.

Need Some Help with Social Media?

If you’re uncertain what your social media posts need to be more effective, we can help. Contact BlendIM today to discuss how we can boost your social media marketing.