Common SEO Content Mistakes

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Common SEO Content Mistakes

Creating outstanding content for your website is vital in helping search engines find it. However, as with any aspect of SEO, there are mistakes you can make with your content that will harm your marketing plans. These mistakes can cause your overall traffic to decrease, resulting in fewer potential customers making it to your website. Here are a few content mistakes you want to be sure you avoid.

Forgetting About Mobile

More and more people are accessing the internet solely through mobile devices these days, so it’s vital that your content is mobile friendly. This means your website should be responsive and adapt itself to multiple platforms. Your content needs to look good on a variety of smart phones, tablets, and other devices. Always test it on some of the most popular platforms to see how it looks.

Focusing on Only One Keyword

Modern SEO no longer focuses on a single keyword. Instead, keyword phrases and variations are important. A single keyword can quickly become repetitive in your content or sound unnatural to your readers. Not everyone searches for the exact same phrase, either. Vary your keywords and write more naturally instead of trying to get one word or phrase to repeat several times.

Don’t Write for Google

While you want Google and other search engines to rank your page highly in search results, you don’t want to write your content for them. Search engines don’t actually read and comprehend your content like your human audience does. You want to write content that is informative, easy to read, and sounds natural to a reader. Content that is too focused on keywords may come across sound awkward and may not provide much information at all.

Forgetting to Link Internally and Externally

In addition to linking to your own, related internal webpages and blog posts, you need to remember to link to external pages, too. Many people do one or the other, but both are a necessary part of making your website visible and helping your readers find what they’re looking for. Internal links keep visitors on your page longer, which increases the chance that they will convert into customers. External links can back up your claims and provide validation for your products and services.

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