Cost of Social Media Advertising

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Social media advertising can seem like a tricky situation. However, many brands seem to agree that it can be fun. The reality, though, is that it may be a little intimidating. In fact, it may require many weeks to get an advertising strategy launched.

You may also have difficulty putting together the budget for social media advertising. You need to know how it gets calculated and what costs go into it to avoid getting in over your head. Below are a couple of factors to be aware of when determining the cost of social media advertising.

How Many Networks are Used

When you advertise on more than one social network, you will be experiencing more to pay for the advertising and marketing.

A good example is when you have two social media accounts; then, you will need additional monitoring, which will be an extra cost for a marketer to accomplish. You will see an additional charge, whether bringing in a new individual to handle the advertising or using a marketing agency.

The amount you will be paying will be determined by what you need and what the agency provides. You can expect to pay a significant amount in any way you look at it. The amount you pay may even be based on how much experience the advertising agency has.

If you are fortunate enough to have an advertiser working for you and have the necessary tools, then an upgrade to a subscription may only be needed, depending on your monitoring subscription. When you have a lot of social media accounts that need monitoring, you will be paying a higher subscription.

The Number of Images and Posts Custom Made

The best way to describe this is by imaging the number of posts and images that a social media page has on a monthly basis. The amount it has may bring great results, which will then allow you to increase the number you advertise.

By increasing the number of posts and images, you will also be increasing the amount you pay. The cost will be determined by how many posts, and the content type others enjoy seeing and interacting with. By having as little as 10 – 12 posts, you could easily pay around $750 on a monthly basis through Instagram and Facebook.


When it comes down to it, the price paid for social media advertising may be set by the Industry for which you are advertising. It may also involve the audience size and the objective of the campaign. If you want to learn more about the cost of social media advertising, feel free to contact us today.