What Is Click Fraud

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A huge threat that many advertisers fear is known as click fraud. In fact, there were millions of dollars that never be recovered due to this fraud. In order to counter this, the dangers of click fraud must be understood.

How Millions Are Being Lost Through Click Fraud

With the power of pay per click, there is no other method available that is able to provide the same great customization. Being able to attract customers on a daily level can allow your marketing to become a great strategy that is essential for businesses to have. With pay per click being used by many, and a lot of money being made, there is a lot of fraud out there on the internet. This click fraud can easily ruin a business or at least its money. This prevents any and all from remaining safe.

Defining Click Fraud

When click fraud occurs, it is due to a charge occurring on each click that takes place. It is believed that click fraud occurs daily all throughout the year. In simple terms, click fraud is when a customer clicks on an advertisement and creates a charge that is fraudulent in nature. This can be seen in a different light if the model is different. It can be frustrating knowing that this type of fraud is taking place. One frustrating aspect is that click fraud easily increases a business’s costs for advertising. Plus, it can change any data you may have to help make decisions more effectively.

A good example is if you have a keyword that you use and it has been profitable for you. Then suddenly you begin to experience click fraud on that keyword and you not having any clue of it happening, then you will likely think that your keyword is no longer relevant and thus you will not use it anymore. You can easily recognize this fraud by the number of clicks and conversions achieved. With charges occurring on each click, the amount of cost will eventually be more than profit.

When there is a significant amount of data as you are monitoring the keyword, then you will likely notice a big difference in how you are performing. You will then be alerted which will be to let you know that something fishy is happening in conjunction of the keyword. If you go a little further, you will likely see identical IPs or a destination from a country that is considered high risk. When you see this activity it can be difficult to pinpoint to one individual.

In Conclusion

You will see click fraud come in many varieties. Everything from a genuine click to a click that was accidental, to organized cyber groups looking to ruin a company online. When you see your pay per click numbers looking a little off, then it is time to consider us to look into the matter to ensure if the threat is real or not. So don´t hesitate, call now!