When Should SEO NOT Be Used

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With search engine optimization, it is a strategy used in every type of online marketing and centers around the improvement of rankings that are organic. These high rankings are associated with all of the results that appear on the first page of Google results. Content that is visual and technical methods are what makes up SEO so that traffic can reach a website, which will ultimately improve the awareness of your brand.

No matter where you look, the internet will always be close by. This is why it is important to learn and use the internet for SEO purposes. It is a fact that the majority of traffic that a website acquires will be due toa search engine. This makes it even more important to implement SEO. However, if not done properly, then you risk your content from being buried among the results pages and enjoying a decreased amount of viewers.

Important Parts Of SEO

SEO Directed Towards The Page

This content is an important part of every type of strategy used for SEO purposes. Not only does it offer information, but it can save a lot of time. This information can include images, general content, videos, and articles.

Keyword Usage – When you want to build SEO you need to incorporate proper keywords related to what you are offering so that it can help your website.

The Tags – Incorporating the tags involve a title, description, and keywords. These all play an important role in SEO and can enhance your strategy. You will find these sections within the search results.

SEO Directed Off The Page

  • Backlinks – Backlinks are pretty much the digital version of word of mouth marketing. They are links from other websites that link back to your website.
  • Social Media – Social media is a brilliant way for businesses to interact with their customers, promote products or a service, and to constantly be sharing relevant, up to date content.
  • Online Directories – Presence on online directories can bring many new customers to your website and help improve overall link building.

When Should SEO NOT Be Used

  1. If You Are Not Searchable

When you are searchable, then SEO will work wonders. But you should not use it if you are not searchable. When you are not searchable, then you will not obtain the results you seek and when you want them.

  1. If Customer Leads Are Not Online

With a searchable product or service, you expect customers to find you. But if they search offline, then you are not going to get anywhere. Besides focusing online, you should also focus offline to attract customers.

You need to understand how buying decisions are made and the amount the internet is trusted. Also, is the buyer going to be the same individual who makes initial contact with you?

  1. Avoid SEO If Results Are Needed Fast

If you expect good things, then it will require time, this is especially true for SEO.This is especially true when you finally see results that are 6 months in the making. Although the time will vary and will depend on how long you have had your website and the fact if it has been kept up to date or not.


Using SEO has many advantages. However, you should know when the best time to use it will be. When you have the ability to use SEO, make sure that it benefits you fully. So when you have questions, make sure to call us today so that we can help explain the SEO process and when NOT to use SEO.