What Should the Conversion Rate Be for Social Media Marketing

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With the increase of social media making headway within marketing, thousands of businesses worldwide continue to make the plunge of using social media to help convert customers. When used properly, the conversion rate can easily create a great return on investment.

With the use of social media, there are a few who are not able to see if performance is good or not. To know for sure, you need to understand conversions and what they consist of and where you can find the highest rate amount.

So What Are Conversions?

When a conversion takes place, it involves a specific action on a website. The conversion itself may involve a purchase, registration, adding an item to buy, or completing a purchase. Pretty much, a conversion is known to be a potential lead for your business.

Ideal Conversion Rate You Need To Reach

Each company will have different rates for conversions, but the rates that are the most successful are as high as 5%. This percent refers to 5% of customers to a website are a successful conversion that occurs through social media.

Determining Where The High Rates Come From

When you plan to have a good amount of conversion rate, then you should be using social media to drive the rates. Although you will see a higher amount of conversion through Google Adwords, you will also witness a higher amount of return on investment.

So knowing this is great information to have. This is because the customer may be ready to purchase your product or services. However, they will not only see you, but your competition also, which is what the premium paid is all about.

For Facebook, it is different. The system is designed for you to search for the customers. This way they are willing to click on your ad once they see it in their newsfeed. They will also more likely purchase from you because you made yourself known before they had a chance to look for a competitor.

Best Way To Increase Your Rate of Conversion

In order to create a solid method to achieve a great conversion rate, you can do several things. You can create an ad yourself and make changes that will attract conversions. The best thing about this is that you will not be spending more than before. You will actually be stretching the amount you have already spent.


When you are achieving a great conversion rate, the amount of sales you achieve will be astounding. Not only that, but you will continue to see the results on a daily basis. So if you want to see the daily results grow, give us a call today!