Top tips to protect against PPC fraud

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When you are running a PPC campaign, the last thing you would expect is a bill from Google that exceeds the amount you have budgeted for the use of PPCs. Or, you would never think that you would be shut out from Yahoo! PPC ads if you were seeing nice profits coming in and them being accused of causing all of the clicks in order for your income to rise.

This is what can happen when click fraud occurs. With this deception, many companies continue to lose thousands in advertising. Plus, the fraud calls for the use of a ton of ad clicking. This high amount of clicking is designed to cause you to have a high bill towards your advertising so that you are no longer able to run ads.

After you have decided to stop running a PPC campaign, then the competition can easily make more sales for their own services and products. Although you are unable to prevent PPC fraud. You are able to eliminate the chance that it will adversely affect your budget.

In order to take advantage of avoiding the risk of PPC fraud, you should follow the following tips to help protect against it.

Place Various Prices for Bids

You can decrease your risk when you limit the amount you plan to spend for each click. When you limit the amount, your exposure is also limited. Do not place ads on any and all websites that may be relevant.

Track the Competition

You should be keeping an eye on what your competition is doing and what keywords are working for them. These competitors could be the cause of PPC fraud. There are a variety of tools to track how many clicks come from a competitor so that you can recognize if fraud is occurring.

Monitor Campaigns

You need to always be monitoring your campaign so that you are able to better manage it. There are a couple of tools that the AdWords program makes available. These are Account Performance and Campaign Performance. Both of these allow you to view the number of PPCs that are considered to be invalid.

Stick To Countries With Low Risk

If you advertise in a country with low rates for labor, then you can expect to see a high amount of PPC fraud occurring. To avoid this, you should avoid countries that may sabotage your PPC campaign.

Focus on Sites Providing Value

If a website is low-quality, then you can expect to see a lot of PPC fraud happening. You can easily have a bot clicking on any and everything just to increase revenue. You are able to avoid this by setting up your PPC campaign on sites that are specified by you.

Incorporate Software That Provides Reports for Referrals

There are many software programs that provide reports concerning searches so that you can identify websites that are content-targeted so that you know if suspicious visitors are making their way to your PPC ads.


When you incorporate the above tips, you will be able to keep your PPC campaign safe and fraud-free. However, if you need more ways to make your campaign completely free of fraud, then get a hold of us to find out how today.