How Your Social Media Strategy Hurts Your SEO

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Using social media for SEO purposes can be great. However, the strategy you use can also hurt your SEO. When you use social media the right way, you will be able to obtain traffic that is organic, increase higher rates of engagement, and increase your search engine ranking. Your brand will also experience a higher rate of awareness among the viewers.

When you use the following methods below, you will be able to know for certain if strategy changes need to be made.

When You Do Not Have Sufficient Social Media Content

Many social media platforms can make it hard to have enough content for viewers to see. In order to remain ahead of the game, it is best to have content that is engaging among every type of social network. However, this requires the content to be different every time. You also need to ensure that the content is representative to the platform. So, if Instagram is being used, then visual content will work best. When you use Twitter, it is a good idea to maintain content that is short and to the point so that the viewer will want to Retweet.

Without a doubt, the quality of the content needs to be very high in order for the rankings to be high. This is due to Google being able to decipher what audiences want that is based on the type of content. This does not mean the content needs to be full of keywords in order to stay ahead of the competitors. Your content needs to be able to convince the audience through the content you create.

Failing To Engage

Content needs to be able to keep your followers engaged and it will have an effect on your ranking. This means the content should get people talking throughout the community. When the content is more engaging it can easily make a positive impact on the traffic you receive.

You can also encourage participation through the use of an influencer who can easily gain trust from viewers. They can create content that is unique and directed toward the brand you represent. The influencer can also help improve participation and can lead to a higher amount of prominence.

Inappropriate Keyword Usage

When you are using inappropriate keywords, the rankings you achieve will not be great. Generally, it is better to use keywords that are not commonly used. This will decrease the amount of competition the keywords face. Using commonly used keywords will likely not allow your content to rank much. You are better off with keywords that are long-tail so that you can focus on a topic that is specific for your content. When content is built it needs to bring forth a solution to a problem while attracting traffic.

Failing To Use Buttons Linking to Social Media

Using buttons to link to social media can also allow visitors to see the amount of shares, likes, and views that the content achieves. This can be a positive psychological advantage that shows how valuable your content is and may make others share it also. Your buttons may also be an encouraging way for new visitors to spread the word about your content.


When you have a social media strategy, it needs to help your SEO remain strong. By avoiding the above mistakes, you will garner new visits to your content and earn a wider readership of your content. If you have questions concerning how to go about improving your social media strategy, then give us a call today!