Why you should protect yourself against PPC fraud

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When a PPC ad is being run, you want it to produce the best results possible for the money you spend. This is what makes PPC so important to have.However, when click fraud occurs, the threat can hit home hard. In fact, more than 20% of a budget can be affected. Knowing this, there are a few reasons why you should protect yourself against PPC fraud.

There is a Yearly Increase in Click Ad Fraud

Although there have been many instances of fraud networks being taken down, they seem to continue to grow on a yearly basis. Not only that, but the amount of revenue lost through click fraud is as high as $27 billion. Due to a huge amount of profits being a possibility for click fraud, the amount of fraud being committed can be hard to prevent.

Corporations are Focusing on Protection from PPC Fraud

When millions are being spent on PPC ads, you can be sure that they will want to keep them all safe from fraud. In fact, many also have increased efforts to eliminate fraud exposure. More and more businesses are also implementing ways that will keep them protected against PPC fraud. By doing this, they are now focusing towards an SME as well as the awareness of how big the issue is, and a decreased ability to prevent click fraud.

Spotting Bots is More Difficult Now

It is believed that half of the amount of traffic on the web is automated in nature with more than 25% being in the form of a bot. These bots are considered malicious in nature. So when the bot technology continues to grow, the ability to detect it decreases within the search engines. This means your protection may not be good enough anymore.

Difficulty Having Keywords Predicted

Being exposed to PPC fraud doesn’t happen all the time, but when it happens consecutively, then there is a reason to wonder. This wondering should be considered as keywords are used because the fraud will be targeting your keywords. You should have your target shifted so that the prediction of keywords can be eliminated.

PPC Fraud Runs Rampant Among Social Media

Due to the increased popularity of advertising on social media, the same goes for the PPC fraud. However, the amount of traffic that is fraud is more than 20% and applies to only networks working with PPC such as Bing or Google. The amount exactly on social media is not truly known. It is believed that on social media, the amount is around 30%. Regardless, make sure to stay away from any ad you come across on Facebook.


When you are unsure of how your PPC ads are functioning properly and not having any fraud issues, then you need to have it looked at by a professional. When you call us today, we will come out to make an assessment.