Top Tips to Protect Against PPC Fraud

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PPC fraud is seen often throughout online advertising and can be a deceptive way to cause advertisers to lose thousands in revenue. The majority of PPC fraud stems from clicking on an ad continuously with no good intent. This will eventually cause you to panic once you see a huge bill with no revenue. Eventually, you will no longer be able to advertise due to your advertising budget being wasted. The good thing though is that there are a few tips that can be incorporated that will keep you protected against PPC fraud.

Change up Your Prices for Bids

When you change up your price for bids, you no longer have a risk to worry about because you will not be limited by an amount you spend for each click. When you limit the placement, you are able to limit the amount of vulnerability on any website that is keyword specific.

Monitor the Competition

When you know who your competition is, you will be able to monitor them more. You can easily monitor them by the keywords they use and if the keywords are the same you use. This way you will be able to know if PPC fraud will occur. You can easily find tools online to check the amount of clicks that your PPC ads have had and where they originate from.

Keep an eye on your campaigns

If you are not keeping an eye on your campaign, then you will be unable to monitor its activity. You can utilize several Google tools that monitor performance for accounts and campaigns. You will be able to view the clicks and the number of times an invalid click has occurred.

Keep to Certain Countries

If a country is known for low labor rates, then you will need to stay clear of advertising in the country. This is because there will be many people eagerly wanting to work and get paid to click on ads all day. So it is best to be aware of where you advertise.

Stick to Sites with High-Value

You may come across a lot of PPC fraud within sites that are low-quality. This fraud is simply done by a bot that is automatically clicking in order for the revenue of the site owner to increase. By sticking to sites that you specify, you will be able to avoid  any issues.

Obtain and Use Programs that Report Referrals

By utilizing specific programs, you will be able to obtain reports of what the activity is like so that you can identify websites that are sending bogus numbers to your website. You can also be able to use the program to generate fraud reports that can back up your claims.


When you enjoy a PPC campaign, nobody expects anything bad to happen. But being aware of PPC fraud is a step that needs to be taken to ensure that you are not out of money before being able to pay for the ads that were clicked. When you are ready, give us a call directly today.