Top Social Media Sites for Search Engine Optimization

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When you incorporate social media into your marketing strategy, your SEO and search rankings will improve. Plus, if you want your SEO to be boosted, then using social media will be great.

It is important to improve the strategy of SEO due to its ability of improving visibility. However, when you have a lot of competition, your results may seem like a challenge to obtain, especially when daily content is involved.

With a multitude of functions with social media, they can easily be seen as their own search engine. The results alone can tell if there is consistency while using the social media platform. When there is consistency, it will be viewed as if the profiles and content have been optimized. Knowing this, let’s take a look at some social media sites that are great for Search Engine Optimization.


In order to generate the best leads, it is necessary to utilize social media in SEO. With LinkedIn, it continues to be the leader in the generation of leads. Not only that, but over 90% of marketing agencies today incorporate this social media platform.

As a leader in connecting working professionals, the platform can easily supply more than 60% of leads. This certainly does go to show that incorporating LinkedIn is absolutely necessary when you are looking to be visible within a SERP. This can be done by having the keywords placed strategically and in a natural way so that your end result will be higher rankings.


You have a lot of reasons to post content to Medium. The main reason will be due to a low audience that is visiting your website. But when you have content on, it will get more exposure. This is great when your content is about everything.

You will be able to reach a wider audience that you have never thought of reaching if you only utilized your website.

There is no surprise that high rankings will be achieved by posting on Medium, which also goes for posts that have keywords that are considered competitive. This will be due to the amount of authority that the page directs.


As the top platform for social media, Facebook is among YouTube and Google when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. In fact, Facebook easily achieves billions of visits on a monthly basis.

By making it simple for sharing content, the users are now able to post an array of content. Links can be distributed or you can have a post shared in order to achieve complete optimization. It is also good to know that Google is allowed to index social media links.


Now that you know which social media sites are best for Search Engine Optimization, you need to know how to implement it into your social media. However, if you are needing some clarification, get in touch today and we’ll get it all figured out.