What Should the Conversion Rate Be for Social Media Marketing

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When a conversion occurs, it will involve the action a person makes through a website. A conversion is determined by many things and the type of business you have gets the ball rolling. As a customer is on your site, the conversion could take place through registering, adding items to buy, or making purchases. This is what a conversion ends up looking like following its lead status.

The Conversion Rate That You Should Be Attempting For Your Social Media Marketing

The conversion rate varies among companies, but in general circumstances, the conversion rate needs to be no less than 2%. This percentage is the amount of visitors to your site who have followed through with a purchase.

Social Media Platforms Used the Most for Conversions

Driving conversions does not mean you should be working too hard to achieve them. This is why Facebook Advertising and Google Adwords are the perfect sources for conversions. Although the conversion rate for Google is high, the ROI for Facebook is much greater.

Of course, this makes sense when you are wanting to find a certain product by searching for it through Google. So when a website is clicked from a results page, the possibility for a purchase increases. However, your customer not only sees you but they see your competition too.

The Facebook method is quite different for a target market because you are looking for the customers and they are not in search of you. Once your ad finds its way to a newsfeed, the chances of them clicking will be high. They will also likely make a purchase while taking a break from social media.

Method of Achieving a Higher Conversion Rate

In order to achieve a higher conversion rate, you need to make your entire website and landing pages friendly. This will allow customers to feel at ease to buy and not pressured. Your landing page should also be visible and not hidden. When your landing page can be seen, then it will likely have a new visitor. Your new visitor will now need a simple way to navigate around. Your website will also appear more appealing.


So in order to achieve a great conversion rate, you need to first have a friendly website that is optimized. You can then begin to create the ad and implement any changes that have become important. In order to see how your conversion rate is doing, you should get in touch with us now.