Countries That Do Not Allow Social Media

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The incorporation of social media plays a major role in our daily lives. By simply making a click, we are able to contact others and share information between one another. However, if you live in a country that blocks your ability to share and communicate with others, then your life just got a little more boring. Let’s take a look at a few countries that have blocked social media altogether.


The Chinese have been unable to access Twitter and Facebook since its 2009 block due to activists involved with a deadly Xinjiang riot. Many view the blocks as censorship because of its non-governmental material. Besides Twitter and Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp are also inaccessible.

The funny part is that the Chinese developed app TikTok is also banned. In its place, the app Douyin can be accessed, which is also developed by the same chinese developer of TikToK. The Douyin version includes restricting content from international sources and usage by children. These restrictions are due to the government having a share of ownership in the app.


Originally, India allowed TikTok to operate since 2016 and quickly became a popular app to download. Then, four years later a ban took place against TikTok, which cited the integrity of the sovereign nation and the security and defense of the country. This ban was a direct retaliation stemming from a border clash between Indian and Chinese military at the border in the Himalayas. WeChat also got banned, which is Chinese made. Because of the ban, the operations of the parent company, ByteDance have withdrawn from India completely.


Iran is another country who has been blocking Twitter and Facebook since 2009 due to disputes within its election process and ongoing protests, which have been limiting opposition. Many users simply implement a VPN to get around the blocks. However, the use of a VPN is now being considered as a crime. Not only that, but Iran has plans to develop an internal internet solely used within Iran, which is similar to the way China controls its internet use.

North Korea

In 2016, North Korea banned the use of Twitter and Facebook and warned its citizens that if they were caught trying to use the social media platforms that punishment would be given if used improperly.

Before the ban was placed, there was very little access and the internet that was used was mainly the intranet, which the government controls. Officially, the blocking took place to deny access to foreigners so that information could not be posted about North Korea.


As an ex-Soviet Central Asian country, Turkmenistan has blocked all social media and even some networks from Russia. Other than Twitter and Facebook. The muslim population is made to swear to not use a VPN if they choose to sign up for internet access. Not only that, but any student wishing to gain internet access must make a signed statement that sites that are banned will not be accessed.


Although the above countries do not permit the access of social media, many still find a way to get around the restrictions. If you are in need of a way to gain full internet access, then give us a call today.