5 Ways SEO Can Be Abused

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In order to conduct a quality online search, the information needs to be relevant. This is why many companies integrate SEO in order to obtain desired rankings among search engines. However, many times SEO can be abused by using methods that are against Google policies. When you use an SEO technique abusively, then your website traffic will be affected and you may be penalized by Google. To get an idea of what to avoid, we have listed the top ways SEO can be abused.

Content that is Duplicated

Having content that is duplicated is a big no-no among SEO. In fact, Google only accepts content that is unique in nature so if content already exists, then the chances of a duplication will be eliminated. Having unique content is always the way to go for SEO purposes.

Gaining Links That Are Not Yours

Using links that are not yours is another attempt at trying to avoid unique content creation. Google will easily block these links from being included in your site. Your best bet will be to include links that you create uniquely.


An unethical method used in SEO is cloaking. This technique hides the true intent of the web page from its user. After a cloaked page is opened, the user is presented with different information than they believed it to be. As soon as Google learns about a cloaked page, the site is banned.

Text That Is Hidden

Also known as span, hidden text is another form of abuse used in SEO. Once  a search engine discovers text that is hidden, the site is banned. Although many websites have good intentions with hidden text, not all do, which is why you are better off avoiding it if you look to rank high.

Stuffing Keywords

Stuffing keywords is an abusive way to drive traffic through repetitive keywords placed in content. You can be sure that your website will be banned once it is discovered. To avoid stuffing keywords, you should be using content that is unique in nature and that is useful to the user. Although many companies practice stuffing keywords, the fact that Google can discover this has made many companies to end this practice.

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Avoiding the abusive methods above will help maintain a good ranking for your website. You will also see an increase in results as your unique content is widely enjoyed by others. However, if you need more information on what is considered abusive, then call us today.