Celebrities Banned From Social Media

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When it comes to social media, many celebrities don’t realize that they are susceptible to the same rules as the rest of us. Not only that, but when the celebrity takes their behavior to social media, the results could result in them getting banned. Unfortunately, this plays true for many celebrities such as those we have listed below.

Kanye West

Even though Kanye West and Kim are divorced, there are still images of the couple lingering around on Instagram. However, Kanye seems to continuously be banned for the things he pulls and many threats that he makes on a daily basis towards Kim.

Rob Kardashian

If you know anything about Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna, it is the fact that he posted revenge photos of Chyna that got him banned. His Instagram is now handled by Jenner Communications.

Donald Trump

Due to the insurrection caused by Trump in 2021, Twitter permanently banned Trump to ensure that no further violence could be possible through the tweets that he made.

Alex Jones

Alex is a conspiracy theorist that Twitter banned because of his promotion of violence. Besides Twitter, Alex Jones will also never be seen on Youtube again or ever heard on Apple. It looks like being right-wing has its disadvantages.


Known for her music and sexual inuendos, Rihanna continues to be banned for showing too much skin as well as a few topless photos, which violates the rules governing nudity. Looks like she has to take her horniness elsewhere.

Courtney Love

In 2011, Twitter decided to have Courtney banned since she couldn’t keep Dawn Simorangkir`s name out of her mouth. Having a huge beeth with the designer was not a good thing because she ended up paying the designer in the end for defamation and being permanently banned.

Azealia Banks

As a professional rapper, Azealia has many albums under her belt. However, many fans recognize her for the temper she displays while on social media. She seems to enjoy feuding publicly. She has taken it too far with her homophobic views of others on Twitter which has her permanently banned.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

As a congressional leader, Marjorie Taylor Green made it known that she is a supporter of Donald Trump. However, she seems to enjoy lies more than the truth, which got her permanently banned from Twitter when she spread COVID-19 vaccine information that was false.

Scout Willis

As the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Scout became banned temporarily because of a piece of clothing bearing a topless woman. She accused Twitter of being sexist as she compared it to being topless legally in New York City.


With the above celebrities enjoying a ban from social media, it just goes to show that it just is not worth the effort when it comes to getting banned. If you wish to learn more about social media dos and don’ts then you should get in touch with us today.