These CRO Tactics Could Backfire

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It is not too hard to understand CRO. In fact, it mostly consists of having activity measured and tests performed and then deciding which is best.

However, many tactics exist that can actually be a negative and could actually backfire when not correctly done. Below are the three most common tactics that could backfire.

When a Shortage Occurs

As a shortage takes place, the interest for it becomes evident and many people will want to buy it before it runs out. Not only that, but having a shortage can easily persuade. When an item continues to be in short supply, the more interest grows around it. While a shortage will always work, it is not a good idea to go overboard with it. When you do to just increase profits, the amount of time for the shortage will come to an end. When the shortage stops and nothing is available, then you have nothing to offer.

Ensure Social Proof is Real

Having social proof is a good way to be recognized and feeling like we belong so we like things that others also like.

In the marketing world, communicating social proof lets others see what is going on and if value has been achieved. With the number of post likes you have is one method where social proof is able to increase the number of likes so that others can see they can be trusted.

A great way to obtain more likes is by paying for them. When you pay for them, you can easily obtain them through the various marketplaces.

Besides buying likes and followers, you should stay away from buying reviews. Besides this being illegal, they can be spotted rather quickly. You can see a fake review by it being very vague in nature and never have anything negative to say.

Avoid Giveaways That Could Hurt Future Growth

In order to have sales increased is to ensure prices are lowered. This can be done through discounts, which may increase conversion, but what about after the discount is complete.Will you have return customers that want to pay full price? The answer to this is a likely no. The reason is to only provide more costumes for a short period of time. In fact, the customers you earn will only be interested in what they can save now. Plus, this may also turn-off your current customer base when you prefer a cheap price and not good quality products. A good example of this can be seen with Groupon and its very low rate of customers who return.

While there are many tactics that can backfire among CRO, there are also many that do work as long as they are implemented the right way.

Ensure you understand how you may be impacted with a tactic if you plan to use one. The last thing that you want to do is make your businesses’ viability at risk just because you want to earn quick money. To learn more, give us a call today.