Creating maximum PPC performance by Leveraging Automated Bidding Strategies

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When you want to have smart bidding leveraged, the advertisers are able to implement bids that are real time. Usually, a lot of information is available that helps the efficient running of algorithms that relate to location, time of day, ad budget, and search history.

Although the disadvantages are highly known concerning bidding taking place automatically, which makes you lose control and are unable to utilize adjustments. Regardless, the gain of performance and efficiency makes it all more better.

Most Effective Uses

Having a business that is service-based will maybe include a strategy that is targeted so that conversions can be maximized.

For now, a company may prefer to use a strategy combined with a specific goal for ROI. Eventually, the goals of the business need to be aligned in order for campaign efficiency to take place. Besides these, a few others can be used.

  • Have goals that are realistic
  • Set high budgets
  • Make sure data feed is optimized
  • Do not rush results
  • Make changes budgeted

Campaigns That Do Not Generate Revenue

When a campaign has no revenue stemming from leads, then a business system is able to determine the amount of forms or calls accomplished, but is unable to determine which are of higher quality and those that people are in search of other services. For this reason, having the proper feedback is important so that the traffic will be correct. You will need to have imported conversions in order for this to be avoided.

Maximum Performance

Having a campaign with maximum performance continues to be popular. In fact, these types of campaigns have been around longer than the most popular search. Other than that, the main rule is that a search must have keywords that match exactly.So when a campaign involving a display is run with a campaign featuring shopping, then it needs to be used together.

Getting It Setup

The campaigns with max performance will need a process that is completely different than many other campaign types. The max performance blends discovery, shopping, dynamic search, and smart shipping all together.

Getting it all setup involves:

  • Groups being listed
  • Group for asset
  • An audience for ad copy

You should know that a video will be created  if you do not decide to have one created. In order to avoid any hassle, it is a good idea to have your own video uploaded.

It is also important to have conversion tracking up and running as well as lists of customers that involve the keywords. This will allow the proper targeting by Google. When a product feed is in Google’s Merchant Center, it will be matched with any assets you originally provided.

Sadly, the terms in the search will not be seen while a conversion is made or if ad funds become a waste. This means the amount of visibility will be low.


In order to achieve the best results, it is important to monitor your feeds so that you know which brand is spending the money and which are not. You will be able to then make proper changes. Remember, all campaigns can be seen only when searching for all campaigns. When you are ready, give us a call to see how your PPC performance can be leveraged.