How to combine SEO and Content Marketing

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There continues to be a lot of talk about content marketing and the possibility of it replacing SEO. However, they both have a few similarities as well as being two completely different elements needed for a business to grow online. With that, it is important to be aware of how both SEO and content marketing can be combined.

Through Content that is Quality Rich

You should have your keywords incorporated into your content naturally for best results. When you have quality rich content, then Google will be your best friend for SEO purposes. This will then trickle down to the users to see how much good quality content you provide. You should always ask yourself if your content helps others. There is no point in attempting to stuff content full with keywords, as it will be spotted quickly.

By having content that is quality and has both SEO and content marketing together, then you can expect your website to remain as unique as possible. It will also be able to provide valuable information that your users can engage with. When you see Google interested in your content, then it is safe to say that both of these methods should be implemented together.

Through Social Media Sites

The behavior of users through social media has continued to change. Today,  social media is used prior to any decision being made. These decisions seem to rely on the reviews that many customers provide. Not only that, but more than 85%  of the users online take a look at reviews before they shop somewhere online.


When you optimize your website for SEO purposes becomes crucial for more than just organic purposes. Various strategies can be used for social media and the search engines. When they are used, they both will be within the standards, which will allow you to be found by prospects. Plus, your traffic will also grow.

Through Building Links

Building links easily brings content marketing and SEO together. This method is pretty straight-forward and is beneficial in making your content effective. To get content that is effective, you should implement guest posts onto authority sites that contain a significant amount of daily visitors. As more visitors view your site, your rankings will improve. With your content marketing growing, the number of links you get will also increase.


Taking everything into consideration, your marketing team and SEO specialists need to work smoothly together in order for content to be the best it can. With the use of keywords, meta tags, and headlines that are optimized needs to be introduced so that the content being delivered will be seen as pleasing to a reader as well as the search engine. If you want to find out more about combining SEO and content marketing, then you should call us today for a free consultation.