Enhance Social Media Presence with More Engaging Content

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Most business owners are aware they need to utilize the invaluable advertising tool that is the internet, and many know that need to respond to negative (and positive) review on sites like Yelp and TripAdvisor. Facebook, Instagram and more sometimes have the power to make or break your business.

When anyone can say anything, it’s a truly new world. As a local business owner, you want to reach the person behind the computer and get them to engage with your business online, increasing your reach and raising awareness about your business – an unlikely ambassador.

Staying on top of the near-constant updates in social media and check-in apps is difficult. Liquori Co.’s social media marketing professionals help business owners build an online audience, creating strategy and posting content targeted toward those most likely to be interested in your product or service. We know your goal as a business owner is to continue growing your business.

That’s the idea behind social media too. Because of that, the enhancements come fast and furious – the channels are always attempting to outdo themselves, allowing users to share more with their followers…gaining more in turn.

If your business can benefit from a little visual sharing — and most can — then one of Instagram’s newest updates may enhance your social presence and enable you to share more content.

So, what’s the update? In February, Instagram introduced yet another way for users to tell their story, whether that user is an individual or a business. Now it’s possible to share up to ten photos and/or videos in just one post. Viewers can access the additional photos by swiping right.

This is a great tool for businesses looking to promote a new products, services, or their new office from various angles or points of view. The ability to include different types of content in the series, mixing photos and videos, allows users to infuse a little more creativity and fun in your Instagram feed.