Social Media as a Marketing Tool

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We live in a time unlike any before, a time where something exists that enables everyone to connect, everyone has a voice, celebrities converse with “regular” people and politicians with their constituents, and businesses with their customers. This system allows people to voice their good and bad experiences of their “everyday” life, and they can post a funny meme that may be seen by thousands, or millions.

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and other channels aren’t just alternate ways to post selfies and quick loop videos. Social media is a marketing tool used by countless solo-entrepreneurs, corporations and local businesses.

Small businesses today need social media as part of their marketing plan. Regardless of where the business or organization is located and its specialty, social media enables businesses to enhance the reach of their products, services and main message. Whether it’s a dental office, a dog training facility or a local business providing a necessary product or service, the business doesn’t have to be geared toward the younger set to have an impact through its social media channels.

Social media tells a story through something as simple as a user’s profile details, to the content and frequency of updates, to the amount of followers, the brand’s interactions with them and the followers’ level of engagement on each post.

A business’ online presence on social media serves as a constant reminder to everyone who sees them as to who and what they are — and what they’re not.

Whether you realize it or not the online presence of your business tells anyone on the internet your story. Tidbits found around the web carry a message with them that might attract or repel potential customers subconsciously.

Like most things in life, there are no shortcuts to gaining a large, loyal following, but certain themes prevail. It doesn’t make sense for every business to jump on every trend in an effort to pick up followers. Content that supports the mission of your business is the most authentic, and audiences respond to that.

Giving your followers a look behind the scenes of your process, little profiles on staff and prep work showing what goes into doing what you do is exciting for followers and makes them feel “in-the-know” — they know something others don’t, and this makes them feel a part of something, and hopefully helps in part to draw them in as a loyal customer.