Google Now Includes Tweets On Search Engine Results Pages

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Earlier this year Google announced that tweets would be included in Google search results on mobile devices. Now, the digital giant has expanded this “test” of sorts to include tweets in the search results for searches conducted in English on desktop computers as well.

In mid-August, it was reported that Google had been experimenting with displaying Twitter in desktop search results since mid-July, as confirmed by a Google spokesperson.

When we say that Twitter is included in the search results, we’re not strictly referring to just twitter handles and profile information, we mean that it is real-time twitter updates- this only applies to English language searches for the time being.

The two companies- Google and Twitter- seem to be getting along quite nicely, as this inclusion represents a significant change to the search results pages. There wasn’t much fanfare from the Google side though – the company announced in a brief update on its original blog post about tweets showing up on mobile searches that it would also now include tweets within search results on desktop as well. Here’s the excerpt from the blog:

Update, 8/21/2015: We’ve extended this to desktop now too, and in English everywhere.

The combination of search giant Google and real-time commentary platform Twitter makes a lot of sense. For a long time now in the digital sphere, there have been whispers of some sort of partnership between the two companies, no one was sure exactly what it would look like, but this may be the first step in many more collaborations between the two in the future.

So what does all of this mean for you and your business website?

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