How Often Should I Post on Social Media?

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How Often Should I Post on Social Media?

Many new business owners understand that social media is definitely something they need to use, but some beginners aren’t sure exactly how to use it. One common question many ask is how often they should post on social media. It’s important to post enough that you’re engaging with your customers, but you don’t want to post so much that what you’re sharing becomes so overwhelming that people unfollow you. You also have to take into account which social media site you’re posting on. Experts often recommend you post more on Twitter than on Facebook, for example.

Here are some guidelines for posting on your social media accounts. For the purpose of keeping it manageable, we will be looking at four of the major social networking sites: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Also, as always, these are general guidelines. You may want to post more on one particular platform if you’re getting a good amount of engagement there.

Once or Twice a Day: Facebook and Instagram

For Facebook and Instagram, you should limit yourself to one or maybe two posts a day. Doing much more than that on a regular basis does become too much for followers on these platforms. Note that this is new posts, not replying to comments. You should reply to comments as necessary, and always reply to direct messages as soon as you can.

Ten or More Posts a Day: Pinterest and Twitter

You should be much more prolific on Twitter and Pinterest, though. Pinterest is a little different from other platforms in that you’re typically not posting much in the way of text. Instead, you’re pinning images and links from other sites. The suggested 10 to 15 posts also includes repining pins from other users to one of your boards.

For Twitter, which has shorter posts than Facebook, you may need two or three tweets just to convey one idea. You also want to retweet and reply to tweets as needed. Doing more than 15 to 20 tweets a day can be pushing it, especially if all of those tweets are advertising something. Try to keep those types of tweets to a minimum—a few a day at most. You want your followers to get good content here, not just a steady stream of advertising.

Again, you need to tailor your social media strategy to your business and its unique needs. That’s where we can help. BlendIM has years of experience with social media marketing. Contact us today to talk about your needs.