What Is Micro Conversion?

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What Is Micro Conversion?

One of the eCommerce terms you are likely familiar with is conversion rate. This is the rate at which visitors to your website become paying customers. However, you may not have heard of micro conversions. This term isn’t as well-known, but it’s fairly easy to understand. Implementing micro-conversions can help improve your conversion rate optimization and increase your profits.

Micro Conversions Are Small Actions that lead to Conversion

Micro conversions are basically the steps needed to guide a visitor from clicking on your website to completing their purchase. The first micro conversion is getting to your website. The next step could be searching for a product, viewing a category, or clicking straight on the product itself. It all depends on how your website is set up. Another micro conversion may be clicking on the button to add the product to the online shopping cart. Another would be checking out. The final step of making the purchase is the actual conversion, but all of the other steps are necessary to get to that point.

Why Are Micro Conversions Helpful?

It can help to break down your conversions into a series of micro conversions so you can optimize each of them. For example, to optimize the step of adding a product to a cart, you will want to look at the placement of the “add to cart” button, its size, its color, the text, and other factors. By optimizing every step, you make the path from visiting your website to placing an order faster and easier for visitors. The easier this process is, the less likely a visitor will get stuck on a step and become frustrated. Frustrated visitors are more likely to leave your website without converting into customers. Even worse, they may seek out a competitor.

You can use a tool such as Google Analytics to track micro conversions and see where visitors are dropping out of your conversion funnel. If it seems most of them are only making it to a certain point in the micro conversion path, you can study that point and work to improve it.

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