Instagram for Small Business

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Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, and its fans are growing by the minute. This highly engaging social media channel has more than 300 million active monthly users — translation: any business that may benefit from sharing visual information with their target customer should be on Instagram. Though there’s text underneath the image, Instagram leads with the visual, so the photo is the story — and it’s often only that speaks for itself.

It used to be that only individuals, or businesses operating through individual accounts were on Instagram, but recently, this network rolled out business pages. This feature allows businesses to switch to a “business profile” and categorize their business (restaurant, tours/sightseeing), include a brief bio, website link and address right on the main profile page.

The more popular your Instagram page, the more website traffic you will get. Create a compelling Instagram feed and people will be clicking that website link that’s in your bio on your main profile page on the social network. Whether you link to your product page, your “About” page or your blog, this link will be clicked solely by those who are interested to your site based on their level of interest in your Instagram feed — and hopefully you will gain their business.

Be sure to completely fill out your bio so customers don’t have to search to hard for information. We know already that the more “clicks” it takes to get somewhere, the more customers you will lose on the way.

Building the identity of your business and brand on Instagram seems simple, but it’s not always as easy as it may seem. It’s important to post a mix of content on your feed to appeal to your target audience, who may not only care about seeing the clothes hanging on the racks in your store.

Maybe they want to see a staff member opening a new shipment box (be sure to include an exciting caption underneath teasing what the photo is about). Also, be sure to repost photos from fans (when they “check-in” or “@mention” you) – but always tag them in the caption to give proper credit.