Simple Ways to Boost SEO

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In our last blog, we discussed some quick steps to better SEO, short for search engine optimization. And though there are no “easy” shortcuts in getting a higher ranking on the Google search engine results pages, there are some surefire tactics and action items online marketers use to jumpstart stagnant SEO, helping their client’s website climb the ranks to eventually claim the coveted number one spot.

Optimizing meta titles and descriptions for clicks is a really good way of boosting SEO. According to the website Search Engine Watch, this tactic can be crazy effective, boosting your CTR by 20% within minutes, and just with a few small changes. As far as meta descriptions go, the guideline is to keep it at 150-160 characters, according to the expert team at Moz, however, others try to stick to something around 155 characters or less.

Always consider what the user or viewer is looking for, they are searching for information everywhere they go online, whether they need to book you for a service, visit your place of business or buy something from you — they need to gather facts, and your descriptions should speak to that.

Entice clicks from people who see your webpage in the search engine results with stronger language that highlights what makes your business different, better, more effective, more appealing than the competition. The user views this text that is meant to represent your website among all other copy representing other business webpages on the search engine results pages.

Title tags can be amended in a variety of ways, and this is where you have the opportunity to set your business apart from the others providing similar goods or services. Great prices, fast service, or other notable traits can help you use more assertive language, commanding the attention of internet searchers.

Are you the owner of a small business or an online business who recognizes the importance of building a presence online, especially within search engines like Google who have the power to highlight or hide your website from those searching for services you provide on the internet. Some changes relating to this are within the power of you and a trusted expert internet marketer, through SEO efforts.

From creating well-designed website that captures Google’s attention, to building site traffic via search engines, to social media strategy and content, the SEO experts at Liquori Co can help. Hire us to take spearhead your business’s internet marketing initiatives, which will enable you to spend more time building your business.